Photovoltech - Solar Cell Manufacturing (Inactive)

Name: Photovoltech - Solar Cell Manufacturing
Description: Major sale of complete photovoltaic cell manufacturing lines and R&D facilities, on behalf of Photovoltech, further to the closure of their production plant in Tienen (Belgium)
Date: 12/1/12 - 12/12/12
Time: 5:00 AM PST
Type: Online
Inspection Date/Time:
Starts: 12/04 12/05 12/06 strictly by appointment only
Timezone: International Date Line West
Location: Tienen
Contact: Robert Pendal +44 7774 652 403

Summary of Items


    For sale as whole lines or individual machines

    75 MWp solar cell line (Year 2010) - Schiller Automation tester sorter, Despatch firing furnace, Dubuit Solar screen printing Line, Jonas & Redmann unstacker & intex loader, Jonas & Redmann transfer and cassette buffering system, Jonas & Redmann printer loader/buffer, IMA warehousing system, Rena intex inline texture etching machine, Semco POCl3 diffusion furnace, Develop diffusion boat handling system, Rena inoxside inline edge isolation & PSG etch, Jonas & Redmann sina loader and unloader, Roth & Rau Sina Turbo XL silicon nitride coating system (PECVD), Centrotherm Burner scrubber

    60 MWp solar cell line (Twin line Year 2007) - Baccini stacker/unstacker, Stangl batch isotexturing wetbench, Semco POCl3 diffusion furnace, Air Products POCl3 dispensing system, Stangl batch PSG removal wetbench, Manz automation Aton loading unloading station & CRS, Applied Materials Aton SiNx sputtering system, Baccini screen-printing line and tester sorter, Despatch firing furnace, Despatch rapid thermal shock, Innolas laser isolation

    22 MWp solar cell line (Year 2003) - Baccini stacker/unstacker, Baccini screen-printing line, Baccini tester sorter, Stangl batch texturing system, R2D diffusion boat loader, Semco POCl3 diffusion furnace, Stangl batch PSG removal system, Manz Aton loading/unloading system, Applied Materials Aton Silicon Nitride coating system (sputtering), RTC firing furnace (IR), Despatch rapid thermal shock system, Innolas laser isolation

    Also including - R&D test & measurement equipment, R&D process equipment, site utilities, compressors, pumps and filters, D I water treatment plant, waste water recycling plant, chemical storage systems, wafer transport and buffer systems, machine spares, storage racking, internal transport, workshop machine tools, office furniture & pc's and lots more

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