KEILINGHAUS 60 Tornos de Giro

ID #: 189952
Modelo: 60
Tipo: Tornos de Giro
Año: 1973
Vendedor: Prism Machinery Ltd
Ubicación: Barrie, Ontario


Volteo: 73 "
Dimensiones: 15' X 7'
Peso: 18000 lbs


Two machines available - one at 73 inch and one at 130 inch. Can be used for tank heads, hvac or other heavy duty applications. Can be offered installed with training.

Can be offered as a "Turnkey" system with tooling if desired.

Sobre el Vendedor

Prism Machinery Ltd In the early 1990’s, Leico U.S.A. purchased Autospin Inc. combining two of the largest manufacturers of spinning lathes. Prism Machinery Ltd. purchased Autospin Inc. including intellectual rights, client information, engineering documentation and spare parts. Drawing on our 18 years experience supplying the spinning industry, we have developed a high end metal spinning lathe conversion system - Spinform. The ‘teach and replay’ philosophy gives the operator immediate feedback on part development. This conversion facility allows users of Autospins, Leifelds, Denns and other spinning lathes to be fitted with the latest technology more economically than purchasing a new machine. Over the years, Autospin built one, two and three roller spinning and flowforming machines. ...
Compañía: Prism Machinery Ltd
Dirección: 30 Elliott Ave
Barrie, Ontario L4N 4V7
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