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Having been in the air cleaning business since 1988, Air Cleaning Technology, Inc. is changing the industry by providing you with knowledge, experience, and affordable quality. We have been designing and selling air cleaning systems and dust collectors for years and now we are building them.

It all started in 1988 when Bob House started selling and servicing commercial air cleaners. These air cleaners were used primarily in restaurants and bars to clean the smoky air. Because of Bob's excellent customer service success came quickly and he expanded the business to include system design and installation. Soon after that he added an industrial line, once again widening the company's abilities.

From here the growth was consistent until legislation threatened the commercial part of the business by posing a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. With the writing on the wall, the focus of the company shifted to industrial sales, service and installation.

That transition has accelerated the growth of the company which brings us to the ACT dust collectors. As the internet began to shrink the world, the idea of working as a manufacturers rep and working in a limited territory started to lose its appeal. We would hard to generate leads and not be able to work them because they were out of our territory. The way around that was take our years of experience and built our own dust collector. And that is exactly what we have done. The result is the ACT Dust Collector.

Thanks for considering the ACT Dust Collector for your next dust collection system.