علامة تجارية
No.1 Hengsheng Road
Gaochun Economic Development Zone
Nanjing, Jiangsu
التوقيت المحلي هاك
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AitalMAC Co. Ltd. has been established with the purpose
of providing quality equipment at a reasonable price. To
achieve this, the two founders and owners of the company
have opened a facility in Nanjing, China, where from a
productive shop of 6,000 sqmt (64,500 sqft), they are able
to design and build different machines for the stone
industry. In a short time, AitalMAC has become synonym of
quality, innovation and convenience thanks to the constant
technical advancement and diversification of its products.
Beside stone equipment, AitalMAC is now able to produce
equipment and parts for different lines of business. In the
most recent years the production of machinery for other
brand names has made Aitalmac a trusted builder of
mechanical and electronic parts.