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1961 Sullivan Drive
Harrison, Michigan 48625
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Federal Broach & Machine L.L.C. is located in Harrison in central Michigan. we are close to the intersection of u.s. 10 and u.s. 27 and are about a 60 minute drive from the mbs (midland, bay city, saginaw) international airport.

Federal Broach & Machine L.L.C. is a privately held corporation serving the auto, large truck, farm and defense industries. our 86,000 square feet of manufacturing space are modern, clean and feature current c.n.c. technology.

Federal Broach & Machine L.L.C. has been in business since 1952. our broach machines have been operating in customer plants since 1971. all machines, fixtures, broach holders and broaches are designed on cad. cad-cam and cad-cae are used throughout our manufacturing processes to ensure quality products reach our customers.

Federal Broach & Machine L.L.C. is committed to continuous quality improvement in all our products. reliability, maintainability and durability is foremost in our thoughts during design and manufacture of broach products. our broach machine lineup is constantly being upgraded to improve machine performance.

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