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5900 Genesee St.
Amherst, New York 14086
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Motivair was incorporated in Amherst, NY, in 1988 by Graham Whitmore following 20 years experience in computer room air conditioning and compressed air treatment markets in the USA and Europe.

At inception, our market focus was refrigeration dryers, heat exchangers, cooling systems and filters for stationary air and gas compressors. These products were marketed through a national network of distributors and agents. Many of these products were applied on continuous processes which required us to develop a national service network to insure uninterrupted service. The Motivair product range evolved to include chillers and closed loop cooling systems for all types of industrial water-cooled plant and machinery.

Today, Motivair is a leading supplier of specialty chillers and cooling systems for data centers, hospitals, industrial applications, institutional and commercial buildings. Quality, reliability and energy-saving are the three core philosophies embodied in all Motivair products, and installations are supported by a network of qualified refrigeration technicians.