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Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1G5
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Pierce-All was founded in 1963 as a manufacturer of the Pef-O-Mator Punching Machine, the first Perf-O-Mator was built in 1964 The original Perf-O-Mator machine was mechanically driven. However, in the beginning of 1965 the Perf-O-Mator was redesigned to utilize a hydraulic system to drive the machine, which in turn resulted in greater tonnage, accuracy and punching speeds.

Manufacturing of the Perf-O-Mator machine has generated markets for replacement parts, punches and dies of various shapes and sizes. Pierce-All developed a superior proprietary product line from the onset which is recognized throughout the metal working industry for it’s quality, stability and dependability. The company continues to produce reliable equipment, parts and tooling that are produced using high quality steel, state of the art manufacturing technology and stringent quality control. The company uses products and manufacturing techniques that utilize Computerized Numeric Control (C.N.C Machine) that significantly increase productivity in the metal working industry. To this day Pierce-All is able to facilitate ALL of their customers needs such as custom tools, dies, machine parts and specialty tooling.