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POREBA Machine Tools Ltd.
Staszica 1
Kuźnia Raciborska, Slaskie 47- 420
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Brand new POREBA Machine Tools Ltd. is the inheritor of the technical achievements of the FUM POREBA Ltd. and after its acquisition by RAFAMET S.A., solid member of RAFAMET Group.

It is a manufacturer of CNC super heavy duty, heavy duty and medium centre and floortype horizontal lathes, as well as large horizontal drilling machines and drilling
& boring machines for deep hole drilling. The POREBA machine tools are used for roughing and finishing of workpieces of up to 100 tonnes in weight and up to 4,500 mm in diameter, made of grey iron, ductile iron, steel, custom steel and alloy steel. The machine tools are applicable in the metallurgical, mechanical, defense, power, mining, paper and shipbuilding industries.

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