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LNS Express 332 Magazine bar loader New 2011, used on CNC Swiss, 3-32mm bar cap x 12', misc accessories, good cond, 11mm, 19mm, 27mm, 33mm guide channel/pusher sets, prepared for shipment, loaded onto truck, manuals.


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Hydrobar® Express 332

2-minute partial changeovers
8-minute complete changeovers

The ideal automatic bar feed for bar stock diameters from .125" to 1.250" used with Swiss or fixed headstock lathes.

Also for bar stock diameters from 1.250" to 1.375" with bar end preparation.

Available in two models:
6' bar lengths and 12' bar lengths (available in either left front load or in right front load as shown above)

Supercharge your Productivity

Intelligent Synchronization (Patent Pending)
The LNS control is based on a Siemens Step 7 platform. Combined with a Mitsubishi Servo Motor, Express 332 continuously monitors sliding headstock and bar feeding movements. This allows the system to actually anticipate headstock motion and precisely synchronize the movements of the pusher and lathe headstock.
The pressure’s on to deliver better quality products faster and cheaper than ever before. Not to mention just-in-time or at a moment’s notice. It’s a tall order, but LNS America can help.

You told us you needed the flexibility of faster job changeovers with less operator involvement. Stable, precise bar feeding to help you make parts quickly and accurately. And reliability you can count on for long runs and unattended operation. All in a simple, complete, affordable package.

We listened carefully. Then we developed the new Express® 332 magazine bar feed system. It delivers all that you asked for. And it’s precisely what you need. In fact, it’s the most value-packed automatic magazine bar feed available today.

The Express Advantage
Two minute setups for partial changeovers
For bar stock diameters within 10mm/.393" guide channel range

Simply follow the prompts on the Express remote control to enter the shape, bar diameter, part length and guiding channel ID. Express 332 does the rest:

The outboard bar stock stabilizer (steady rest) automatically adjusts for the new bar diameter, eliminating component changes when using round bar stock.
A servo drive automatically optimizes torque and feed rate to the new bar diameter, eliminating manual adjustments.
The pick up fingers of the bar stock loading device automatically adjust to the new bar stock diameter. And the barstock selection is made electronically without any manual adjustment.
The only mechanical adjustment necessary is to change the collet size for the new bar stock diameter.
Complete changeovers with guide channels in 8 minutes or less
With this kind of changeover speed you can quickly and competitively meet every customer demand. Just install the appropriate guide channels and follow the prompting remote control menu. That’s all there is to it. In seconds, Express 332 automatically adjusts and you’re ready for production.

Greater bar stock stability and less oscillation inside the lathe
The LNS patent pending, V guide outboard bar stock stabilizer (steady rest) uses its 6" length to provide superior bar support for unmatched stability within the 10mm/.393" guide channel range. This prevents troublesome bar vibrations from transferring to the machine cut area. And, it adjusts automatically to the bar and pusher diameters simply by inputting the bar stock diameter into the remote control.

Safer operation and optimum RPM
The LNS Swiss safety connection eliminates the unsupported area between the bar feed and Swiss machine tool to provide greater safety and better bar stock support. It consists of a series of telescoping tubes that extend in sections to maintain a continuous connection between the Express 332 and the sliding Swiss machine headstock. This feature allows the headstock to move forward to make parts without the danger of exposed bar stock. For added flexibility Express 332 includes an assortment of reduction tubes to use within the Swiss safety connection and the lathe headstock. The inside diameters of these reduction tubes match those of the bar feed’s guide channels. They act as a combination spindle liner to reduce the gap inside the spindle and additionally the inside diameter of the Swiss safety connection. The result is reduced vibration and bar oscillation within a critical and traditionally under-supported area. This one Express 332 feature improves part diameter tolerances, increases RPM, enhances surface finish and extends tool life.

No-mess, no-hassle changeovers
Express 332 is completely self-contained and neatly stores all changeover components within its enclosure. What’s more, oily parts drain within this storage area and the oil is filtered back into the system. No mess, no fuss. And with all changeover parts stored on board, there’s no need to search for misplaced components during changeover.

Complete compatibility
As a standard feature, Express 332 is available for any fixed or sliding headstock turning center, including right or left hand machines with front or rear load.

Faster, easier routine maintenance
A unique retract system on Express 332 allows the bar feed to be moved back 20 inches from the machine spindle. This allows easier access for routine machine maintenance. Not available on 6’ model.

Packed with features, simple by design
Although Express 332 is loaded with features you won’t find anywhere else, it’s designed with fewer mechanical parts for greater performance and reliability. It uses the latest advancements in electronics, servo drives and other technologies to give you the safest, most efficient and robust automatic magazine bar feed you can buy.

Unmatched Service and Support
As with all bar feed solutions from LNS America, Inc., Express 332 is backed by the industry’s most experienced service and technical support team, so you get:

Expert product selection and applications assistance
Professional installation and comprehensive training
Responsive, worldwide service and support
Readily available replacement parts
Advantage: You

There’s much more to know, including how affordable Express 332 is. For all the facts contact your nearest LNS America, Inc. representative. Or call 513-528-5674.


.125" to 1.250" bar capacity (Swiss machines or fixed headstocks without bar end preparation)
.125" to 1.375" bar capacity (fixed headstocks or Swiss machines with bar end preparation)
Complies with CE Safety Standards
Telescopic tubes and reduction tubes included for Swiss-style machines
Available to load from front or rear, on either left or right hand machines
Maximum feed rate: 4,000 IPM
Maximum pushing torque: 50N/meter
Electronic headstock synchronization
Maximum bar stock length, two models:
Model 6’ – 6’ 6" (2300 mm)
Model 12' – 12' 6" (3850 mm)
Bar feed Z-axis retract: 20" (500 mm)
Minimum bar stock length all models: 48" (1200 mm)
Hydraulic oil: 21 US gallons (80 liters) of ISO 100 grade
Maximum remnant length removal: 20" (500 mm)
Requires 80 to 100 PSI of shop air
Shipping weight: 3,650 lbs (1,660 kg)
Loading time for a new bar: 43 seconds with remnant removal
Electrical Requirements: System wired to 230/380/420/480 volts AC, 3 phase, maximum 3 Amp
Rack capacity: 11.6" (295mm) wide
Warranty: one year including parts and labor

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