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NEW 1.6m x 5m (63” x 200”) 3-bed way lathe


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
63 "
200 "
ثقب عامود الدوران
4 "
30 hp
192 rpm
أرجحة فوق المجارى المتقاطعة
50 "
45,000 Lbs

Main Technical Parameters
Item Unit CF61125M CF61140M CF61160M CF61180M
Swing diameter over bed mm 1250 1400 1600 1800
Swing diameter over toolpost mm 880 1050 1250 1450
Max. Weight of workpieces ton 12
Max. Length of workpieces mm 3000 to 10000(Tailstock sleeve extend out 250mm)
Width of machine bed mm 970
Spindle speed r/min 4.25-192 total 12 steps
Section of tool shank mm 45×45
Spindle diameter mm 200 front
Taper hole of spindle   1:20
Diameter of spindle hole mm 100
Stroke of top toolpost mm 300
Longitudinal rapid travel speed mm/min 3800
Cross rapid moving speed mm/min 1900
Feed species of toolpost   48
Feed range of toolpost mm/r longitudinal 0.057~12.726 cross 0.027~ 6.096
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm Φ200
Taper hole of tailstock center   Morse No.6
Stroke of tailstock sleeve mm 250
Species number of threads mm Metric 46 Range 1-224
tooth/inch BSP 46 Range 28~1
mm Module 37 Range 0.25~56
Main motor parameters   22kw 380V 50HZ 970rpm
Total power of the machine KW 24.85
Steady rest Standard mm Φ200-550 φ500-850
Optional φ500-850 φ200-550

Machine Bed:
The machine bed, 970mm in width and 710mm in height, adopts ∧ flat guideways of excellent craftiness. With the box shape canting pull rope structure of high rigidity, it is also designed for a casting structure and appropriate rope arrangement internally. The guideways adopt the middle frequency quenching-grinding process which makes them a quality of fine hardness. Wear resistant materials applied on the friction pairs of guideways endow the machine tool with excellent characteristics of wear resistance and accuracy consistency.
The front diameter of spindle is 200mm. The triple supporting structure has formed the spindle a feature of high rigidity, high strength as well as high accuracy. Bearings with high accuracy of KOYO (Japan), NSK or a certain famous brand domestically would be selected for spindle use. Double row cylindrical roller bearings with high machining accuracy will be used for front and back bearing journals, the inner circle of which is a tapered hole whose taper is 1:12. Besides matching design with the tapered journal of spindle, the inner circle may adjust the clearance of the bearings under the condition of axial movement, thus effectively improving the accuracy.
Active centers are equipped internally in the tailstock sleeve whose diameter is 200mm, which endows it with the feature of high rigidity and rotating accuracy. The tailstock is divided into upper body and lower. Spindle is equipped in the upper while motor-driven and backward preventing security mechanisms are equipped in the lower
Saddle & Tool Rest
Every series has the function of automatic feeding mechanically. Double-layer compound rests are equipped in the machine tools whose swing diameter is above 1400mm, which easily realize the longitudinal or cross feeding operations.
Feed Box & Slide Box
These are the same as the ones equipped in CF series. With the characteristics of simple and reliable structure as well as convenient maintenance and repair, the type of products belong to the most reliable and mature ones of our Corporation. The electromagnetic clutch driving and the cross handle switches adopted greatly improve the easiness of operation.
Machine tool accuracy:
GB/T4020-1997 standards will be performed for accuracy checking of horizontal lathe.

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