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CNC Swiss Machines, Swiss Type Lathes & Turning Machines : Ganesh Machinery 7 - Axis Twin Spindle CNC Turning / Milling with Full “Y” Axis 10-HP, 6000 RPM, 1-3/8” Bar Capacity 27-tools with 11-driven tools, 9-Backworking tools A complete part done in just one operation! The GANESH CYCLONE-32 CS is a 7-axis 1.25” (32mm) bar diameter sliding headstock CNC lathe without a guide bushing, which facilitates faster setups, greater workpiece concentricity, and superior cutting rigidity over conventional Swiss-style lathes. The CYCLONE-32 CS configuration allows for short cycle-times because the Counter Spindle can work simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The CYCLONE-32 CS does not require the use of ground barstock or a guide bushing like the Swiss-style machines must use, this together with the much shorter bar remnant, represents additional profitability when using this machine design. The CYCLONE-32 CS CNC screw machine configuration also allows for shorter cycle times due to the enhanced machine rigidity and the ability to aggressively rough cut and then finish with a second tool, all while achieving much greater tool life. The CYCLONE-32 CS can use as many of the 27-available tools as necessary to rough and finish features on the workpiece. Swiss machines cuts are limited to the length of the guide bushing, and longer cuts must be micro-fed at full depth with one-tool in just one-pass which burns up expensive tooling. These advantages are particularly evident in tougher materials where the capability of the Cyclone 32CS excels. Main Spindle Tooling 18-Total Tool Positions with 7-Live Tools 10 HP, 6000 rpm, C-Axis 360,000 position, Traub “Dead-Length” A-32 Collet Chuck 4-Axis Servo Motor Control – X1, Y, Z1 & C1 axis 6-Turning Tools - ½” x ½” x 5” or 12mm x 12mm, (Optional 5-Turning Tools, 5/8” or 16mm) 5-End Working Static Drill /Bore /Tapping Tools – Using ½” ER-20 Collet Chucks or 25mm bushings 4-Overhead Radial Driven Tool Spindles, 4,000 rpm, 2.0 HP, with ER-20 Collet Chucks 3- Axial Driven Tool Spindles, 4,000 rpm, 1.0 HP, with ER-20 Collet Chucks Subspindle Tooling 9-Total Back-Working Tool Positions with 4-Live Tools 5 HP, 6000 rpm, C- axis with 360,000 positions, Traub “Dead-Length” A-32 Collet Chuck 3-Axis Machining Capability – X2, Z2, C2 4-ER-20 Live Tool stations (or static Turn / Drill / Bore / Tap) for simultaneous front & back machining 5-Static End Working Drill /Bore /Tap Tools – using ½” capacity ER-20 Collet Chucks or 25mm bushings 9-Total Back Working Tool Positions with up to 4-driven spindles using ER-20 Collet Chucks


95" x 59" x 76"
CNC تحكم
CNC (Ganesh Super 900T Advanced Multi-Tasking CNC Control)


Main Spindle:
Spindle Motor: 10 HP
Maximum RPM / spindle bearing6,000 RPM / 5-bearing spindle, 3-front, 2-rear
Collet Nose: Traub A-32
Max Barstock Diameter:1.25” (32mm) standard / 1.375” (36mm) with adapter
X-axis Travel: 7.28” (185mm)
Y-axis Travel: 19.29” (490mm)
Z-axis Travel: 6.50” 165mm)
Rapid Travel Speed: X,Y,Z 1,181 IPM (30m /minute)
Minimum input unit: 40 millionths (0.00004”) (0.01mm)
ODTurning Tool Positions:6 OD Tools (½” or 12mm)(5-5/8” tool plate available)
ID Turning Tool Positions: 5 ID Tools
OD Turning Tool size ½” or 12mm (5/8” or 16mm Optional)
ID Turning Tool Bore Size 25 mm
Spindle Center Height 40” (1015mm)

Sub Spindle:
Sub spindle Motor: 5 HP 30-minute duty rated (7.5 HP Peak)
Maximum Barstock Diameter: 1.25” (32mm) (25mm pass thru ø)
Sub spindle RPM/spindle bearing6,000 RPM / 4-bearing Quad-Duplex pair config
X-axis Travel: 11.53” (293mm)
Z-axis Travel: 11.61” (295mm)
Minimum input unit 40 millionths (0.00004”) (0.01mm)
ID Turning Tool Bore Size: 25mm
Air Blast nozzle: Included
Finished Parts Ejector: Included

Live Tooling:
Cross slide live tools:4-ER-20 Cross slide live tools, 4,000 rpm, 2.0 HP (1.5kw)
Front slide live tools: 3-ER-20 Front slide live tools, 4,000 rpm, 1.0 HP (0.75kw)
Subspindle axial live tools:4-ER-20 Axial live tools (1 radial live tool can be substituted)
Live tool collet size: ER-20 collet, ½” (0.5-13mm) tool shank capacity
Max RPM for live tools: 4,000 RPM

Axis Repeatability ±0.0001” (Renishaw inspected to 0.01mm, 0.000040”)
Axis Positioning ±0.0002”

Machine Dimensions:
Length 95.28” (2420mm)
Width 59.05” (1500mm)
Height 78.18” (1985mm)
Weight 8,360lbs (3800kgs)
Coolant Pump Dual 3/4-HP Coolant Pumps for main and subspindle
Coolant Tank Capacity 65-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow sensor
Lubrication distribution Way lube distributed at 3-6 cc / 15 minutes
Machine Power Requirements 208-220vac, 3-phase, 60Hz, 63 Amps
Air Requirements 85-PSI at 2-CFM for parts catcher, ejector, air blast

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