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CNC Automatic Screw Machine Twin Spindle 6-Axis Production Turning Center (With full “C” Axis on the main and sub spindle) Genturn-52 GTS 6-Axis, 1-3/8” Bar, 5”Chucking Capacity, 6,000 RPM, 10-HP Simultaneously Machine on the Main and Sub Spindle. “C”-Axis on both spindles for Live Tool Applications Dual Gang-Tooled Slides Fastest Chip-To-Chip Time in This Machine Class Rigid Tapping on both spindles Integral Lathe Motor Spindles Parts Conveyor Parts Catcher Chip Conveyor The Genturn-52 GTS is a 6-axis 1.25” (32mm) bar diameter twin spindle CNC production turning center with a fully synchronized C-axis on both the main and subspindle. The Genturn-52 GTS configuration produces shorter cycle-times because the Counter Spindle works simultaneously with the Main Spindle. The Genturn-52 GTS has integral built-in spindles on the main and the sub allowing extremely fast acceleration and deceleration times. The beltless headstock design provides superior surface finish. Traub A-32 “Dead-Length” collets are utilized in both the main and subspindle to ensure accurate part transfer between the spindles. The GANESH Genturn-52 GTS lathe features dual gang slides sitting side-by-side that allow flexibility in tool placement, including driven tools. Both the main gang slide and the subspindle gang slide work completely independently, allowing for shorter cycle times because the front and the back of a workpiece can be machined at the same time. Dual programmable ¾ HP coolant systems with double coolant filtration bring coolant to the cutter interface. The subspindle features a finished parts ejector and programmable air blast to clean the collet. The included parts catcher and parts conveyor transfers the finished workpiece outside of the work envelope. A steel link-belt chip conveyor is included with the machine to dispose of the chips. A wheeled chip cart is also provided.


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عامود الدوران#
10 hp
L 103.15” , W 50.00”, H 66.93”
7260 lbs
CNC تحكم
CNC (Ganesh Super 900T Advanced Multi-Tasking CNC Control)

Main & Subspindle
Spindle Motors: 10 HP (7.5 kw) (spindle motor chiller included)
Maximum RPM: 6,000 RPM
Spindle Bearing: 5-bearing spindle, 3-front ball bearings, 2-rear
Collet Nose: Traub A-32 (5C, 16C adapters available)
Drawtube ID 1.456” (37mm)
Traub TRB-A32 Collet Capacity 1.25” (32mm) (1-3/8” adapter available)
Spindle Center Height to Table: 3.464” (88mm)
Spindle Center Height to Floor: 42.2” (1070mm)

Machine Axis
Axis Drives & Motors Mitsubishi Mel-Pro Motors and Drives
X-axis Travel: Twin cross-slides 13” (330mm) on both gang slides
Z-axis Travel: Twin opposed spindles 10.63” (270mm) (on both main &sub)
Axis Servo Motor Power: X-axis 2.0 HP (1.5 kw), Z-axis 1.5 HP (1.0 kw)
Rapid Travel Speed – X & Z: 1,181 IPM (30m/ minute)
Minimum input unit: 40 millionths (0.00004”)
Axis Repeatability ±0.0001” (Renishaw check to 0.01mm, 0.000040”)

OD Turning Tool Size: 3/4” standard ( 5/8”, 20mm available)
ID Turning Tool Size: 20mm (¾” available)
Cross-Slide T-Slot dimensions: 5-T-Slots on 32mm centers.(10mm slot, 18mm base)

Fluid Systems
Coolant Tank Capacity:52 Gallons (210L) with coolant flow monitor
Coolant Pump: Dual ¾-HP, 45-PSI pumps (for main and subspindle)
Hydraulic System: (550psi) 10-gallons (45 liters) ISO VG32 (Mobil DTE-24)
Spindle Oil Cooler System5.5-gallons (25 liters) ISO 10 (Mobil Velocite No. 6)
Way Lubrication distribution (ISO-30).5-gallons (2-liters) distributed at 3-6 cc / 15-minute cycle

Machine Dimensions
Length: 118” (2,980 mm)
Width: 54” (1,356 mm)
Height: 69” (1,760 mm)
Net Weight: 7,260 lbs (3,300 kgs)

Machine Requirements
Power Requirements 13kva, 208-220vac, 3-phase, 60-Hz @ 64-amps
Air Requirements 80-psi, 2-cfm (parts catcher, parts ejector, air blast)


Ganesh Super 900T Advanced Multi-Tasking PC based CNC Control:
PC-based control with 256 MB memory, 96-tool offset pairs, and a 15” LCD color monitor
Program check-out feature using MPG handwheel to advance and retract axis moves at the speed that the handwheel is turned to maintain a high level of process control
Toolpath shown in a multiple color overlay displaying each tool
Over 20-standard canned cycles for efficient program development
Advanced drilling and tapping servo synchronization for shorter cycle times
Cylindrical Interpolation transforms the cutting path from a plane to a cylinder for engraving etc.
Polar coordinate interpolation to synchronize linear axis motion to rotary workpiece motion
Ladder diagram for extensive machine condition evaluation and diagnosis
Parameter setting pages by group layout with complete description in clear text
NC file name storage with complete record of start time, total time and output quantity.

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