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20 "
47" x 40" x 71"
1275 LBS


The PMI Precision Cutoff Saws are designed to saw aluminum profiles quickly and accurately with a burr free mirror finish. The PMI-20 has many outstanding features that allow maximum productivity and also providing a safe work environment. The saw blade is mounted on a turntable to set up any miter cut in seconds, without moving the work piece to be cut.

Machine Features:

Miter Capability:
The PMI-20 is equipped with a turn table that allows the set up of any miter cut in seconds. A positive lock of the table is released and then built in handles allow for easy turning of the saw blade approach. Several positive stops via locking pin allow for rapid and accurate set up of the angle to be cut. The work piece DOES NOT need to be moved from the 90 degree in feed direction.

7.5 HP Saw Motor:
This strong drive system via 7.5 HP saw motor allows for maximum cutting force and chip removal. This additional power will also extend the life of the saw blade between regrinds.

Upcut Design and Saw Blade Chamber:
The PMI-20 is an Upcut saw. The saw blade is housed under the work table and travels up through the work piece. This has several advantages such as, safety (less blade exposed during cut), chip removal and longer blade life.

Precision Ground Work Table with Special Surface Coating:
The work table is a ground surface and is coated with a special Chromate coating. This coating prevents marring the outside of your work piece.

Material Clamping:
The pneumatic clamping system has adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin wall profiles. The saw comes standard with vertical and horizontal clamps. The top clamp holds the work piece on both sides of the saw blade to deliver a burr free cutoff part. The clamping system is controlled by its own cylinder and has adjustment according to the size of the work piece.

Saw Blade Feed:
The saw blade feed is controlled via a pneumatic cylinder with full control of the feed rate. This will allow for accurate cuts and long blade life. In addition, the saw blade travel is controlled for fastest cycle time.

Precise Micro-Drip Blade Lubrication System:
The blade is lubricated via a micro-drip system. A small amount of lubricant is introduced to an air line at the point of discharge for control and economical distribution of the saw lubricant.

Safety Features:

Safety Machine Enclosure:
The work table is guarded via a machine enclosure that is also monitored by a limit switch. The cover must be closed for the saw to cycle.

Two Hand Cycle Start Activation:
Dual Start push button insures that the operator has both hands free of the machine.

Safety Limit Switch:
Blade access door is protected via limit switch that will shut down the machine in the case of open door.

Technical Data:

• Saw Blade Size 20” (505 MM) X 1” Bore
• Saw Motor 7.5 HP
• Saw Blade Speed 3500 RPM
• Table Size 35-5/8 x 35-5/8 (905 x 905 MM)
• Work Height 33-3/32 inch (895 MM)
• Machine Dimensions 51” x 44” x 72”
• Machine Weight 1275 lbs

Additional Standard Items included with the purchase of the PMI-20:
• Tool Kit
• Kanefusa 120T Saw Blade
• Operating Manual

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