AUTOSPIN 12.30.500مخارط الغزل


The Autospin brand is recognized in North America as having a quality build frame – hardened rails on the slide. Includes: 1 machining unit and material support device. This machine can be offered "Turnkey" including tooling, training, engineering and product development. The model in the pictures is the same as machine for sale.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
21.25 "
CNC تحكم
CNC (Siemens 840D)

Maximum Blank Capacity 42.5 Inches or 1079.5 mm
Center Height of Machine 21.25 Inches or 540 mm
Distance Between Centers 48 Inches or 1219 mm
Feedslide Stroke 12 Inches or 304.5 mm
Longitudinal Slide Force 16,000 Lbs. or 7,257 kg
Longitudinal Slide Travel 25.5 Inches or 647.5 mm
Top Slide Force 12,000 Lbs. or 5,443 kg
Topslide Travel 12 Inches or 300 mm
Tool Mounting DIN 55022 A1-8
Tailstock Stroke 20 Inches or 508 mm
Tailstock Force 8,000 Lbs. or 3.629 kg
Spindle Motor Drive DC 30 H.P. or 22.4 kW
Spindle Speed 1800 rpm
Approximate Weight of Machine 10,000 Lbs. or 4,536 kg

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