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2008 Brand new LSAW pipe mill still in boxes API 5L LSAW Pipe Mill Plant


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2008 Brand new LSAW pipe mill still in boxes
API 5L LSAW Pipe Mill Plant
Technical Data
• Pipe Diameter range- 16”-56” (406- 1,422.4mm)
• Pipe Length- 30-40 ft (9.1-12.2m)
• Material Grade.- GB, x-42,x-46, x-52, x-60,x-65,x-70,x-80
• Range of wall thickness. 6.4- 32mm
Reference Data for the main production
• Pipe Length- 12.2m
• Pipe Diameter-36”
• Wall thickness 1-1/2”
• Material grade- X70
• Pipe Weight- 6.8 tons
• Production Output- 10 pipes/hour
Output at reference pipe approx. 308’000 t/year
1.0 Plant capabilities and output range are as follows:
Pipe Length Minimum: 9,150mm (30ft)
Maximum: 12,200mm (40ft)
Pipe Diameter Minimum: 406.4mm (16”)
Maximum: 1524mm (60”)
Wall Thickness Minimum: 6.4mm (0.25”)
Maximum: 35mm (1.378”)
Material Grade API 5L; up to X80
Pipe Weight Minimum: 0.6 tons (metric)
Maximum: 16 tons (metric)
See the attached Production Capability Charts for actual production range for different material grades.
2.0 Production output calculation depends on the size of pipes (diameter, wall thickness, length, etc.) produced. Average annual production capacity of 308,000 metric tons was calculated based on the following parameters:
Pipe Length 12,200mm (40ft)
Pipe Diameter 914.4mm (36”)
Wall Thickness 25.4mm (1.00”)
Material Grade X70
Pipe Weight 6.8 tons (metric)
Production output for above reference pipe size 10 pipes/hour at 100% machine efficiency (i.e. cycle time of 6 minutes per pipe)
Annual working hours (based on 3-shifts) 6,000
Annual Production. Output at 100% capacity utilisation 10 pipes/hr x 6,000 hrs
= 60,000 pipes
= 60,000 x 6.8 metric tons
= 408,000 metric tons
Annual Production Output at 75% utilisation 306,000 metric tons
Item Equipment
1 Plate Edge Facing Station
2 3-Roll Plate Bending machine
2 Top Roll 750
3 Post Bending Station, basic machine
3 quick changeable set of Tooling
4 Continuous Root Welding Station
5 Internal Welding Station
6 External Welding Station
7 Internal/External Weld Control Station
8 U.S. Testing Station with Weld Repair Area
9 Real time X-Ray Testing Station
10 Full body Expander Station, basic machine
10/1 Expander head with Boom
11 Pipe End Bevelling Station
12 Hydro-testing Station with end-sealing
13 U.S. Testing Station (not deliverd)
14 X-Ray Testing Station (not deliverd)
15 Magnetic Particle testing station
16 Pipe Weighing, Measuring and Control Area
17.1 Ordinary Transport Roller Conveyors
17.2 Turning Rolls Units
17.4 Cross Transport Skids
17.5 Transport Carriages
18 Accessories
19 Infrastructure
20 Services
21 Spare Parts
22 Consumables
23 Additional Tooling

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