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Taylor Winfield Circumferential Seam Welder: Model # LSCB-18-LGD, Original Serial No. 54532 30 KVA / 220 Volts / 60 Hz / Single Phase / AC 18” throat depth 0.75 to 2.5 secondary voltage range, adjustable with tap switch 8-step transformer tap switch, with series/parallel 16 total steps of coarse weld heat regulation 10,000 maximum secondary amps, short circuit 4.5” diameter air cylinder, with long stroke (approximately 4” +) 1,272 pounds of weld force available @ 80 PSI Transformer, control and weld heads are water-cooled Lower weld wheel is gear driven, upper is an idler (not driven) Weld wheels will be designed & installed to suit your specific application Machine initiation will be a two (2) stage shrouded foot switch Machine will be equipped with a new or refurbished current model microprocessor type welding control with fully programmable functions and a 1200-amp water-cooled SCR firing contactor. Also included in the control will be a normally extra-cost 200-amp circuit breaker type machine disconnect switch, with flange mounted operator, safety interlocked per OSHA standards


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30 kV·A
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18 "

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