ESCO 1.1M X 900MM X 900MMمساند زاوية

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1.1M X 900MM X 900MM
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1.1m x 900mm x 900mm Cast Iron Angle Plate. Other sizes manufactured per specifications.


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35.43 "
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1.1m x 900mm x 900mm
1940 Kg

1.- These Cast Iron angle plates are used as a work-holding devices to clamp and hold workpieces in the vertical position and as a vertical reference for inspection and tooling purposes in machining processes such as shaping, planing, boring, milling, grinding and drilling, etc.
2.- The types of angle plates are available as: T-slotted, elongated hole - slotted hole and plain.
3.- The angle plates are made of close-grained and stress relieved gray cast iron GG-20, GG-25 or GG-30 upon buyer request.

4.- Cored and ribbed construction, twice annealing heat treatments at a temperature in the range of 600-700°C (the 1st annealing is done immediately after casting, the 2nd annealing is done after rough machining and following aging treatment are adopted on the angle plate to relieve the stress, ensure high stability and maintain its accuracy free of distortion.
5.- Hardness is in the range of HB170-240 and the surface flatness accuracy is available as being Grade I, II or III as per DIN 876 Standards.
6.- Angle plates with sizes above 300mm are webbed to ensure rigidity.
7.- Traceable calibration certificates are provided along with the angle plates.
8.- Sizes of angle plates are as per customer request. Any sizes can be provided, including very large heavy angle plates used as work-holding device for floor type milling and boring machines.

We frequently supply custom made large and heavy-duty angle plates such as 7000mm x 2000mm x 2000mm or larger ones which are used as work-holding components on large floor type boring machines. Please email or Skype us for specifications, photos and drawings of some of our previously supplied angle plates for other customers. Each angle plate ordered will be supplied with a drawing for approval prior to manufacture. Approx. delivery on most standard sizes: 20 to 25 days.

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