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Pmi 455 ls type
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The PMI-455 Fully Automatic Circular saw is ideal for sawing aluminum solids and extrusions to length. The PMI-455 is a high speed saw with saw blade speeds up to 3800RPM for burr-free, mirror image finish cuts. On this saw, your cut lengths are indexed by a shuttle vise that is driven by a ballscrew via a servomotor. This results in very accurate cut lengths on your aluminum extrusions or solids. The PMI-455 LS-Type has a powerful 20 HP saw motor and crosscut/horizontal sawhead feed which gives it the power to cut through solid aluminum. The sawhead carriage moves on linear guideways. The machine has a touch screen control for easy job setup. The saw's clamping system allows for single piece cutting or bundle cutting with minimal setup time. The PMI-455 is built for high production sawing.


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24 "
138" x 82" x 73"
5,060 LBS

PMI-455 LS CE NC Automatic High Production Cutoff Saw
The PMI-455 L CE NC Automatic High Production Cutoff Saw is designed for sawing Aluminum and Other non-ferrous metals. In addition to extrusion and tube, the saw’s powerful 20 HP saw motor allows it cut solid bar quickly and accurately. One of the unique features of the PMI-455 L is the specially designed outfeed table that moves 2mm forward as well as backward after the cut is complete and the saw blade is retracting. This feature prevents scratches from occurring when the saw blade retracts back to its home position.
Machine Highlights:
• Specially designed retractable saw work table
• Variable speed saw motor (controlled via Inverter)
• Mitsubishi NC Controls
• 20 HP Saw Motor
• Ability to Bundle Cut
Machine Features:
Saw Blade Feed:
The saw blade feed is driven by a hydraulic system for maximum stability of the saw blade during the sawing operation. This is especially important when cutting solid or heavy walled extrusions/tubes. The saw blade travels horizontally through the material and is mounted on linear guide ways. The saw head travels on the linear guide ways to assure accurate cutting on large materials. The feed rate is adjustable.
20 HP Saw Motor:
The powerful 20 HP saw motor allows for maximum cutting force and chip removal. This additional power will also extend the life of the saw blade between regrinds.
Saw Blade Speed
The saw blade speed is infinitely variable on the PMI-455 L CE machine. The speed can be adjusted from 1500 RPM to 3500 RPM in order to accommodate different material sizes, types, etc.

NC Control:
The PMI-455 L CE is equipped with Mitsubishi NC controls. The NC cutting control manages your cutoff program; simply input via the touch screen, your desired cut length, number of pieces, blade speed, etc. and the machine will monitor the cutoff jobs for accuracy. 100 programs can be stored and each program can have 12 steps.
Material Index System:
The material is indexed to the cut length via a hydraulic gripper vise. The length gauge is set via a servo motor ball screw. The carriage vise is equipped with two horizontal and vertical clamps. The four point clamping system enables the saw to handle irregular shaped stock material without any additional fixtures. The saw is capable of reciprocating and stepping feed. The maximum single stroke length is 4.92’ (1.5 meters) and the saw can do an infinite number of strokes for cut lengths longer than 4.92’.
Clamping System:
The pneumatic clamping system has adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin wall profiles. As a standard feature, the saw has vertical and horizontal clamps. The carriage vise has two vertical and two horizontal clamps, so it is capable of clamping irregular shaped pieces of material. The fixed vise has two vertical and one horizontal clamp to ensure the part is clamped securely during the cutting operation. The clamps can be adjusted based on the size of the material. With its extensive clamping system, the PMI-455 L CE is able to cut multiple pieces at one time.
Special Design Retractable Work Table:
When the PMI-455 L CE has completed cutting a work piece, the saw work table on the infeed and outfeed side of the saw blade moves 2mm backward (infeed) and 2mm forward (outfeed) as the saw blade retracts to its home position. This design allows for a more accurate and smoother finish on the cut parts because it prevents the saw blade from scratching/re-cutting the part as it retracts to its home position.
Precise Micro-Drip Blade Lubrication System:
The blade is lubricated via a micro-drip system. A small amount of lubricant is introduced to a air line at the point of discharge for control and economical distribution of the saw lubricant.
Safety Machine Enclosure:
The PMI-455 L CE is guarded via a machine enclosure that is monitored by limit switches. The machine cover must be closed for the saw to cycle.
Safety Limit Switch:
The saw blade access door is protected via a limit switch that will shut down the machine in case the door is opened while the saw is in operation. The saw blade will NOT cycle with this door open.
Technical Specifications:

Additional Standard items included with purchase of PMI-455 L CE:
• Chip Collector (5HP)
• 11.5’ Infeed Conveyor
• 120T Saw Blade
• Operators Manual
• Tool Kit

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