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North Carolina
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C 260nc
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بطاقة الهوية
علامة تجارية
الجديد في المخزن
North Carolina
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية
رقم المخزن


Cosen's C-260NC is a high production machine which incorporates a massive base, sturdy saw frame, with an extremely heavy duty gear box, a 5HP drive motor, and a user friendly programmable control for ease of operation.


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السعة المستطيلة (ارتفاع
10.2 "
السعة المستطيلة (عرض
11.8 "
سعة الدوران
10.2 "
سعة المربع
10.2 "
5 hp
نوع (اوتوماتيكي، يدوي، نصف
عرض الريشة
1.25 "
سمك الريشة
0.043 "
طول الريشة
12 '
CNC تحكم

Cosen's C-260NC is a high production machine which incorporates a massive base, sturdy saw frame, with an extremely heavy duty gear box, a 5HP drive motor, and a user friendly programmable control for ease of operation.

Machine Structure:

Oversized hydraulic cylinder supports the rugged saw frame with heavy-duty universal ball joint accomplishing smooth & consistent downfeed through the entire cutting cycle. Special wear resistant DU bushing works inside the precision bore solid cast hinge and ground pivot shaft to ensure durability and long useful life.

The saw head adopts a 45 degree back-tilt angle, which allows the blade to turn 45 degrees instead of 90 degrees between the wheel and blade guide; thereby putting less stress on the blade, insuring longer life.

Hydraulic shuttle vise assembly, made of heavy-duty cast iron with replaceable hardened wear plates, rides on two large guide shafts that are capable of handling extreme loads. Both shafts are ground and chrome plated for durability and smooth material feeding.
Blade Drive:

The gearbox is specially designed to accept high lateral pressure. Unlike conventional gearboxes, the Cosen design accepts more pressure during operation and will not create thermal distortion, providing long gearbox life under production conditions.

Inverter blade drive system allows infinitely variable blade speeds to be controlled by the operator from the control panel with turn of a knob. The system comes standard with LED readout for convenient and accurate setting of blade speed.
C-260NC 01/01/2013 4
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System:

Carbide guides securely guide the blade during the cutting cycle. The carbide is relieved so that coolant can both cool and lubricate the blade during the cut.

The bearing guides eliminate blade stress by pre-aligning the blade before it enters the carbide guides. Two additional guides located on a central axis support the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force for faster cuts.

Automatic hydraulic blade tensioning device provides correct blade tensioning when the machine is turned on and will slightly release the tension when the machine is not running. This extends blade life. The on-off hydraulic valve switch is an added feature making blade change quicker and easier

Integral coolant system. Coolant is supplied at four critical points: exit & entry of blade through blade guides, middle of cut via adjustable flex hose, and blade cleaning brush.
Synchronized power driven blade brush effectively cleans chips from blade to extend blade life.
Control & Automation:

Smart NC-100 (SNC100) technology provides most of the benefits of NC controlled saws at a mere fraction of the cost. SNC100 controls are programmable up to 100 different jobs including quantity and length of cut. The control automatically compensates for kerf loss after data input and requires no manual calculation of number of times to index. The control also automatically shutdowns the machine, blade motor, and hydraulics, once the programmed number of cuts or out of stock situation has been achieved. The system includes an error feedback function enabling rapid troubleshooting through an error code to be displayed in the event of a malfunction.

SNC-100 Features include:
 5.7” Touch screen
 Mitsubishi PLC controller
 100 individual jobs can be programmed and stored
 Stored program(s) may be easily recalled and executed at Will.
 Blade Speed Display
 Motor amp draw (optional)
 Optional Blade Deviation Detection monitor can be controlled directly from Touch Screen
 Automatic Kerf Loss Compensation & Automatic Multiple Indexing up to 999”
 Save-a-Blade Feature - The shuttle vise will automatically retract the material slightly after cut-off, so a blade can avoid the undesirable abrasion with material, improving cutting tool life.
 Error Code Display Provides simplified self-diagnostics.
 Blade life timer

The operator’s control station ergonomically located on the front side of the saw is convenient and user friendly. All operator controls are positioned on the top of the control box and clearly labeled for ease of operation. The electrical components are located inside the control box with the main lockout disconnect on the front of the control box for safety and easy maintenance.

Precision feed pressure & feed rate dual valve system for optimal cutting performance in any material.
C-260NC 01/01/2013 5
Selector Switch for bundle or single cutting modes

Automatic work height sensor and air gap eliminator positions the saw frame to a safe clearance above the work piece, so that the next piece can be positioned without damaging the blade. After feeding, the saw head will descend quickly to within approximately 1/8" of work piece, where it proceeds at the predetermined cutting rates.
Material Clamping & Feeding:

Split vise jaws on the front machine vise are standard. The split front vise will hold the work piece on both sides of the blade for a burr-free cut. This system also features automatic feeding of material down to a remnant length of 2".

Hydraulic front and rear vises enable clamping and unclamping of any material from the operator’s control station.

Ductile cast iron vises with replaceable hardened wear plates.

Computer Controlled Multiple indexing for long cutting lengths of up to 650” maximum length, utilizing full shuttle length every index until desired length is reached.
One set of vertical alignment rollers, which is convenient for bundle cutting and positioning bar stock, is standard and is located on the machine base.
Discharge Table with built–in coolant return adequately supports cut-off stock and provides coolant savings in the long run.

Proximity switches sense both blade slippage and blade breakage and will automatically shut off the machine if either of these conditions should occur.

All blade covers, and guarding on the saw are painted Alert Orange to increase safety alertness.
All exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuit are protected by conduits.
Electrical and hydraulic safety interlock prevents saw blade to start without vises securely clamped.
Standard Accessories:

Blade “clip” device eases blade changing when necessary by holding the blade on the band wheel during installation, making it very easy for one person to change the blade.

Adjustable fence to support bundled cut-off stock
Additional flushing hose for cleaning
Built in work light
Bi-metal saw blade
Tool Box with tools, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
Operation & parts manual

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