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D-F 6,300mm (248”) Swing diameter Heavy Duty CNC Horizontal lathe Model CK61630 x 16,000mm (630”) Between Centers. Model: CK61630. (120 tons)


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248 "
248 "
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630 "
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CNC (Siemens)

D-F 6,300mm (248”) Swing dia. Very Heavy Duty CNC Horizontal lathe Model CK61630 x 16,000mm (630”) Between Centers.
Model: CK61630—16 meters (120 tons)
Technical Configuration

1. Machine main specification
Swing over bed—6300mm (248”)
Swing over cross slide—5000mm (196.875”)
Distance between centers---16000 mm (630”)
Width of bed for carriage---2050 mm
Width of bed for workpiece---2050 mm
Max. workpice load---120 tons (264,000 Lbs)
Hardened & Ground guideways---HRC55
Hydro-static guideways of carriage
Depth of guideway:--120mm
Torque of faceplate---200KNM
Diameter of chuck---3200mm
Angle of center---75 to 90 degree
Spindle taper hole---φ300mm 1:4
Spindle speed---2 steps, 0.2 to 20rpm
Spindle front bearing diameter: 800mm
Tool post
Toolpost travel in cross---1600mm
Travel of tool row---400mm
The feed rate of tool post---1 to 500mm/min
The rapid of tool post---2000mm/min
Size of tool holder---80x80mm
Max. cutting force of tool post---160KN
The torque of motor in cross---61N.m
The torque of motor in horizontal---88N.m
Width of cross slide---1400mm
Diameter of quill in tailstock---800mm
Taper hoe of quill in tailstock---300mm 1:4
Movement of quill in tailstock---300mm
Traverse speed of quill in tailstock---50mm/min
Rapid travel of tailstock---2000mm/min
Open type steady rest---Φ1600~2500mm
Power of main motor with adjusting speed device---DC160KW (213 HP)
Model of fast motor in tailstock--- 4 KW
Model of motor in hydraulic device of headstock---1.5KW
Model of integrated lubricating pump in tailstock--- AMR-Ⅱ-150/3Ⅱ AC220V20W
Overall size of machine (L x W x H): 24,530mm x 6,700mm x 4,800mm (80.5’ x 22’ x 15.75’)
Net weight of machine: 390 ton (858,000 Lbs)

2. Machine accessories
Telescopic steel protection cover of carriage
Open type steady rest: 1600mm to 2500mm
4 jaw chuck
Center for spindle
Center for tailstock
Automatic chip conveyor
Work light
Foundation bolts and leveling pads
3. Manufactured standard:
a. GB/T9061-88
b. JB/T9872-1999
c. JB/T9874-1999
d. GB/T5226.1-2004
e. JB/T10051-1999
f. JB/T3663.3-1999
4. Main parts of machine
No. Item Model Quantity Brand and origin
1 X、Z axis servo motor for feeding 1FT6 61、88Nm 4 sets SIEMENS-Germany
2 servo drive unit 611UE 4 sets SIEMENS-Germany
3 Speed governor 6RA70 1 sets SIEMENS-Germany
4 Main motor DC160 KW 1 sets NANYANG
5 Z axis feeding rack   1 sets WMH-Germany
6 Centrialized lubrication system   1 sets BIJURDELIMON
7 Hydraulic parts   1 sets NORTHMAN-Taiwan
8 Chip conveyor   1 sets Yantai
9 Jaws   1 sets JAKOB-Germany
10 Digital read out   1 sets Shanghai
11 Multihead pump   1 sets VOGEL-Germany
12 High pressure pump station   1 sets HAWE-Germany

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