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Star's newest model designed to transform the productivity in complex working. The mechanical and control systems on the SW-20 are designed to minimize the non-cutting time to the highest level. In an effort to achieve reduced idle times, both mechanically and electrically through the latest software, allow complex components to be manufactured in the fastest possible times improving both production output & profitability. The SW-20's opposing gang-type 8 station tool post, allows pinch turning and simultaneous secondary operations on the main side (with Y-axis) for back end working, ensures ultra-quick and flexible machining of complicated components. View a video of this machine in action at:


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
سعة العامود
0.7874 "
5.1 hp
ماكس RPM
10000 rpm
قطر الخراطة
0.7874 "
غراب (نعم/لا
8.5’ x 4’ x 6’
7500 (LBS)
CNC تحكم
CNC (FANUC 31i-B5)

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