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WE HAVE A NUMBER OF FARO, SILVER 12FT Also Romer system 6 We do not have software with these units, Some of them have probs and some have cables, I had them randomly tested and all that was tested checked out good. these are sold as is what you see is what you get


360° rotation of the arm’s principal axes which allows for the inspection of difficult to access part features details elliminates potential arm damage caused by hitting the arm against a rotational axis hard-stop.
Power Probe auto surface sensing touch trigger and scanning probe designed to improve system performance eliminating operator touch pressure variations and also provides scanning data collection capabilities.
Special clamping system that needs no tools and allows for quick setups in less than two minutes. The clamping system also provides repeatable mounting force and a small footprint.
Intelligent quick-change probes can be changed on-the-fly without recalibration. The system automatically recognizes and compensates for the installed probe.
The arms are dimensionally stable regardless of temperature variation. orientations; horizontally, vertically, or inverted — without necessity to recalibrate. The arm is also compact and its lightweight design makes the it easy to transport.

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