KURAKI KBT13-DXAأفقي نوع الجدول مطاحن مملة

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The twin pallet Kuraki KBT-13DX AP is a rarity. One of the finest quality boring mills available today, the machine was used in the production of tractor and agricultural machinery parts. It was very well kept, regularly maintained and service and repairs were carried out without delay. The machine has now been dismantled and is ready for immediate shipment. Photos and videos are available upon request.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
حجم عامود الدوران
5.118 "
X-Horiz TVL من الجدول
129.9 "
Y فير TVL من رئيس
70.87 "
29.5 hp
2500 rpm
62.99 "
70.87 "
المغزل تفكره.
27.56 "
7000 x 9500 x 4750 mm
53 t
CNC تحكم
CNC (Fanuc 15-M)

Proposal Number V(B)-5813

CNC Horizontal Table Type Boring Mill with Pallet Changer

Kuraki KBT-13DX NP
Year 1990
Control Fanuc 15M

Boring spindle diameter 130 mm
Automatic pallet changer APC 2 pallets
Pallet size 1600 x 1800 mm
Pallet load max. 6000 kg
Table load (not using the APC) max. 10000 kg
Spindle – table surface min/max. 0 / 1800 mm
Spindle nose – table centre min/max. 700 – 2000 mm
Table indexing B 0.001 degrees
Table cross travel X 3300 mm
Headstock vertical travel Y 1800 mm
Spindle axial travel W 700 mm
Column longitudinal travel Z 1300 mm
Collision circle in work area max. Ø 2400 mm
Cutting feeds X,Y,Z,W 1 – 3600 mm/min.
Cutting feeds B 0.1 – 360 °/min
Rapid traversesX,Y,Z 10000 mm/min.
Rapids B 1 rpm
Thrust in the Z Axis max. 25000 N
Spindle motor rating 22/26 KW
Spindle speed range 5 – 2500 rpm
Number of gear steps 3
Spindle torque max. 2900 Nm
Boring spindle diameter 130 mm
Spindle taper BT 50
Tool magazine positions 90
Tool Ø with/without adjacent tools max. 125 / 230 mm
Tool length max. 400 mm
Tool weight max. 25 kg
Milling capacity in S48C max. 960 cm³/min.
Boring capacity in S48C max. Ø 70 mm
Tapping capacity in S48C max. M72
Machine weight 53000 kg
Machine dimensions l x w 7000 x 9500 mm
Machine height 4750 mm
Condition is very good

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