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This unit is a New 12'' Belt Furnace. All New N. Ferrara Inc. machinery is sold with a One Year Manufacturers Warranty. This is a great opportunity to purchase a brand new piece of equipment at an exceptional price. Reasonable offers will be considered so please feel free to make an offer on this machine. N. Ferrara Belt Furnaces are equipped with specially weaved and balanced belts allowing even and efficient heat displacement. Belt speed is electronically controlled at 0-24'' per/min to allow for smooth uninterrupted material flow through the furnace. Exterior shell construction made of heavy duty HR steel plate for maximum durability and longevity. Double door purging chamber to maintain exacting atmospheric tolerance. Furnace chamber lined with multiple layers of high quality refractory for a greater level of thermal efficiency. Heliarc welded muffle with flange to prevent material contamination due to moisture intrusion. Microprocessor controlled temperature with time proportion and cycle rate calibrated for type K thermocouple at 0-2000 Degree F for close line control (includes Hi-Limit Safety). Specially designed pressure less cooling chamber with double water inlets for greater cooling efficiency. Integrated water control flow meter to allow precise monitoring of cooling. All N. Ferrara machinery is designed and built with pride in the USA. A variety of other models and options are available. Please contact our sales team for additional information. Sales@nferrara.com



-Conveyor Speed: 0-24'' IPM
-Opening: 3.5'' High
-Muffle: 13'' Wide
-Temperature: 2000 Degrees Maximum
-Voltage & KW Rating: 208/220/240 V, 60 HZ, 3 Ph, 40 KW
-Length of Hot Zone: 60'' Long
- Number of Heat Zones: 2
-Furnace Box: 78'' Long
-Cooling Chamber: 132'' Long

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