AMERICAN AUTOCLAVEأجهزة تعقيم، مفاعلات و غلايات


One (1) WSF / American autoclave as described within attached power point document. Specifications: Working Area: 66” x 234” Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 PSI Maximum Operating Temperature: 400 deg. F 12 Vacuum Ports 12 Thermocouples For Parts 4 Thermocouples For Vessel Temperature Heating: Electric Cooling: Cooling Coil & Fan Equipped With: PC Control Running Rockwell Software w/ Programmable Touch Screen – NEW 2011 -w/ Back-Up Control System Controlled by Allen Bradley PLC's with custom PLC programs developed in Control Logix 5000. The operator/HMI touch screen interface provides automatic (recipe), semi-automatic or manual control of the autoclave


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حجم الغرفة - عرض
66 "
حجم الغرفة- طول
234 "

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