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In 2011 the decoiler, straightener and feeder were overhauled. SEW and SIEMENS components were installed, which now run together electronically synchronized Also the drive shaft of the straightening device were renewed and the guidance of the sheet metal were improved. The drive unit of the press with a prevoius grease lubrication was retrofitted to new permanent oil lubrication A brand new NSM destacking unit with 2 stations with length up to 4000mm (costing Euro 2.3million) and an NSM sidewise destacking unit (costing Euro 1.2million) were integrated


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
881.848 T
CNC تحكم
CNC (Siemens S7)

BLANKING LINE consisting of:
- single decoiler, max coil width 2000mm, max weight 30tons
- Crop Shear
- 2 Changeable straightening cassettes with 13 straightening rollers, max blank thickness 1.8mm and max. blank with 2000mm
- Loop with length 4500 mm, width 3000 mm anddepth 6000 mm
- Roll feeder with roll diameter 220 mm, feed length max 4000mm
- Oiling rolls
- Mechanical Blanking Press MUELLER WEINGARTEN VK 800.28.35 with max. 55 strokes per minute and 350mm stroke travel.
- NSM Blank destacker unit with 2 unloading stations
- Max. blank dimensions 4000 x 2000mm
- Conveyance speed 30 - 150 meters per minute
- Packet weight max. 12000 kgs
- Packet height max. 650 mm.
- Additional unloading and stacking unit 90° from work flow - direction for smaller blanks and form blanks.
On this line also side panel cutouts were produced, however, only with special controlled dies

SET UP TIME: 15 to 25 minutes for complete retooling changeover with change of knives, remaining cuts, programme change, new coil

PERFORMANCE: 240 to 270 tons cut blanks per day in a 3 shift operation

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