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ROTARY -Rotary Carrier front knee Completely remanufactured to 2013 technology. This machine is arranged for a conventional rotary process. The parts will be manually loaded into a rotary carrier with multiple equally spaced pockets. The carrier is continuously rotated through the grinding zone and 50 – 70% of the total stock is removed by the edge of the wheels (shearing). The remainder of the stock is removed “progressively” and final size is reached as the part exits the wheels. Machine Features: • 2013 Complete remanufacture • PanelView Plus Compact HMI • Schneider Electric Magelis color pendant • Allen-Bradley Kinetix 6500 servos drives • Graco automatic lube system • Pneumatics air components • Variable frequency spindle drives • Precision ballscrew feed systems • AC variable speed drive rotary carrier • Automatic, electric powered dresser • Power lift wheelguard hood • Part load/unload guides and adjusters • Backing Plates for grinding wheels • Setup for manual load/unload by operator


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قطر عجلة التجليخ
30 "
30 hp
ماكس RPM
1,800 RPM
CNC تحكم
CNC (Allen Bradley Panelview)

Machine Specifications:
• Cast machine base
• Quill type spindles
• Servo controlled grinding feed
• 30 HP spindle drives
• 30” / 762mm abrasive OD
• 3” / 76mm Usable abrasive

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