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This machine is a "P" Version. The "P" version is suitable for boring heavy, asymmetrical or awkwardly shaped workpieces, which cannot rotate. Workpieces of this type are clamped to a T slotted indexing work table which has the capability of indexing 360 degrees in 4 x 90 degree graduations The tool headstock drives the boring tool. Boring feed is produced by the boring carriage.


WOHLENBERG B800P Deep Hole Boring Machine

Spindle drive 100 HP
Spindle speeds 85-1120 rpm
Table size 60” x 60” (1524mm x 1524mm)
Table indexing (pneumatic) 4 x 90 degrees
Table loading 9,000 kgs
Z axis travel 160” (4064mm)
Z axis feeds 0.1"-100" /min
Feed thrust 13,440lbs
Maximum workpiece length 120” (3048mm)
Drilled length 108” (2743mm)
Drill sizes 1.837"- 8.286" dia
Equipment includes :-
2 x Sealing Head / Pressure Heads covering full range of sizes
Sealing Saddle
6 x boring bars (Sizes: 3950 mm x 87.5mm, 3875 mm x 25 mm, 3925 mm x 75mm, 1875 mm x 238 mm, 3775 mm x 37.5 mm, Last boring bar size to be confirmed)
Many Boring/Drill Heads, sizes available cover ranges 1.837″- 8.286″ dia. (45.9mm – 207.15 mm) High pressure coolant system. (2 x pumps)
Many Bushes
Full Length Swarf Conveyor including chip bin
Filtration system
Photo electric guarding

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