PFAUTER PH-400 CNCهوبر تروس

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Pfauter p400h bucyrus cat
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This rare Pfauter horizontal P400H/4000 has a 4 meter long bed and an 18" diameter, 1.5 DP rating for cutting large diameter shafts with splines, or gears.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
أقصى قطر للترس
18 "
أقصى خطوة قطرية
7734mm x 3861mm x 2200mm
38,000 lbs.
CNC تحكم
CNC (Fanuc 16i-MB)

Manufacturer Pfauter
Model P400H/4000
Serial Number 25502
Year of manufacture 1976
Year of remanufacture 2006

This machine was fully rebuilt and converted to CNC in 2006. We recently acquired the machine and are now offering it for sale. All our rebuilt machines are fully disassembled and cleaned. All parts were inspected for wear and are either replaced or repaired as required. All the way surfaces were refinished by hand scraping and grinding, all anti-friction coatings are checked and replaced if required. All bearings were checked and replaced as required, all seals were replaced. All new hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication system components like valves, pressure regulators, sensors pumps etc. were installed. All new electrical equipment like limit switches, push buttons, junction boxes, flexible conduit etc were installed. The entire electrical cabinet was replaced along with all the equipment inside. A new CNC was installed into the cabinet. Prior to reassembly all the individual machine components were painted separately and allowed to dry. This allows us to insure there is good paint coverage under all items bolted to the machine, and that new items installed were not being painted over in the process.

During the rebuilding process this mechanical machine was converted to a full CNC machine by modifications to the drive train systems. MTB engineers designed the most effective method of axis drive for each machine by keeping the drive train as short as is feasible given the machine constraints. Axes motors were connected with anti-backlash shrink disc couplings where ever possible and in some cases belt drives and/or additional anti-backlash gear boxes were required to adapt the motor to the load properly.

Mechanical Specifications
Number of CNC controlled axes 5
Number of CNC controlled spindles 1
Pitch rating               1.494179172 DP 16.9993 Mod
Maximum hobbed diameter (6" cutter) 17.992 in 457 mm
Maximum hobbed diameter (with steady) 10.787 in 274 mm
Maximum hobbed/milled facewidth 157.480 in 4000 mm
Maximum workpice swing 25.591 in 650 mm
Worktable diameter 15.748 in 400 mm
Table bore diameter 8.071 in 205 mm

Maximum radial center distance 11.024 in 280 mm
Minimum radial center distance 2.283 in 58 mm

Maximum hob diameter 11.220 in 285 mm
Maximum hob length 9.803 in 249 mm

Maximum swivel angle -90 deg 45 deg
Hob speed range (Infinitely Variable) 10 to 280 RPM
Hob Spindle Power 20.1 HP 15 kW

Rapid traverse radial 59.055 in/min 1500 mm/min
Rapid traverse tangential 59.055 in/min 1500 mm/min
Rapid traverse axial 118.110 in/min 3000 mm/min

Length 304.488 in 7734 mm
Width 152.008 in 3861 mm
Height 86.614 in 2200 mm

Machine Weight 37577 lbs 17045 kg
Plant power 480 VAC 60 Hz

Tailstock with hydraulic quill
Steady rest for longer parts
Automatic lubrication system
Horizontal swivel of hob head for tool loading
Dual worm anti-backlash table drive
Worm drive hob head for heavy cutting
Integral hydraulic unit for machine and hob carriage
Telescoping way covers for the axial axis

Fanuc 16i-MB CNC
Fanuc Alpha Series Drives and Motors

Base Software
Three passes (same or alternating directions)
Hobbing of four sequential gears in one cycle
Inch / Metric switchable
Incremental shifting by part count
Crowning with high point offset capability
Taper compensation
Axial or radial/axial cycles
Radial only cycle
Programmable dwell
Automatic or manual overtravel and approach calculations
Simple single indexing cycle
Tool offsets for quick size changes
Workpiece counter
Multiple program storage and retrieval
Shifting with table compensation
Auxilliary function selection (tailstock/clamping seq.)
Automatic or manual hob swivel angle calculation

Optional Software
Double helical (herringbone gears)
Size correction by measurement over pins or span
Enhanced single indexing cycle
End relief cycle
Custom crowning cycle
Dip cycles

Machine Includes
Rear / Side mount, underfloor coolant tank
One set of leveling wedges
One 1.25" hob arbor and nut
Two copies of the operations manuals
Two copies of the maintenance documentation
1 Year warranty on the complete machine

Machine Options
One set of leveling wedges

The aforementioned description and listing of specifications and accessory equipment is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, it should not be considered binding in any regard, as we reserve the right to change and/or alter same without prior notice. Consequently the buyer is responsible for confirming same, upon physical inspection and inventory of the machine(s) and all related accessory equipment.

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