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2014 Propen M7000 Electronic Handheld Marking Machine With Battery Pack. Unit is in like new condition and has been used to demonstrate the machine only. Machine comes with: marking tip, battery pack, power supply, battery charger, suitcase, DVD manuals. Please contact Everett Dahlberg at 630-930-9646 with any and all questions.


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وسم المنطقة
80 "
وسم المنطقة
30 "
CNC تحكم
CNC (Propen)

M7000 Technical Specifications:

Choose freedom
- "Touch’n Mark": Intuitive touch-screen interface. Large navigation icons give direct access to desired functions with your finger, a stylus, and even wearing a glove.

- Full mobility: the integrated control unit and the powerful belt battery allows you to mark everything everywhere, even outdoors.

Main Software functions:
o Store more than 2,000 files
o Import/export one or many files by USB key
o Display battery level
o Linear marking
o Radially marking
o Datamatrix marking
o Logo marking
o Variables
o Counters
o Simulation
o Preview
o Etc.

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