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Lathe S 1600/ 8M -
It is designed for single and series production. It can be supplemented by a device for turning cones and equipment for turning threads. The bed has three cam track and the slide is allowed to taxi around the abutments and tailstock. The spindle is stored in the front and rear two-row roller bearing. Powered by the asynchronous motor via a flexible coupling and transfers the stepped headstock. Travel tailstock and quill retraction are controlled by separate motors.
• Machine disassembling
• The repair of the spindle and spindle head
• Final grinding of the sliding surfaces of the lathe bed
• Final surface finishing (scraping) of the sliding surface related to the turning carriage • The repair of the supporting tailstock
• The repair of the turning carriages, its housing, lock and screw-thread nut
• The sliding surfaces of the tailstock and the turning carriages are covered Bi-Plastic • The complete final scraping according to accuracy protocol
• The repair of the cutter block and screws
• The repair of the lubrication for the turning carriages and tailstock
• Repaired spindle and tailstock peaks
• Repaired longitudinal and transversal measurement geared
hanused machine after repair mechanical and electric parts
• Coating system RAL 6011
• Functional inspection
• The report accurancy acc. to producer
• New hydraulic sorting, lubrication, strengthening the supporting horse
• New descriptive labels
• Wiring on the machine control panel – NEW
• Main engine Siemens 75kW - after repair
• Feed motors and drives Siemens, digital measurement in axis “X” and “Z” rotation, automatic Siemens SIMODRIVE 611 main motor controller with variable speed Drives Invertek - ALL NEW
• Electrical inspection report
• Extract and backup PLC and Switchboard
• Documentation in English
- 2 fixed steady
- Support for heavy piece

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