SCHRODER SPB MODEL 32/3ماكينات تطبيق

بطاقة الهوية
علامة تجارية
الولايات المتحدة الامريكية
نطاق السعر
$50,001 - $100,000 USD


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
أقصى سمك
0.1181 "
أقصى سمك (المقياس
11 ga
طول كلى
126.8 "

Originally Equipped with:
Servo-drives with frequency converters for bending beam, upper beam, and backgauge
CNC-positioning control POS 3000: 10 – 1000 mm with sheet support table
Sharp rail 30°, R1, 5, tempered
Bending rails 10 and 24 mm, hardened
Segmented bending rail 20 mm, hardened
Clamping rail for bending beam
Lower beam rail, hardened
Tools: material strength 1100 – 1200 N/mm2

POS 3000 Control:
PC with touch-screen control
Floppy disk drive
Operating system: Windows
Unlimited dictionaries for profiles (products), material, and tools
Automatic calculation of cutting length
Material and tool library
Scalable bending simulation
Zoom function
Scalable speed of all CNC-axes to optimize speed and folding quality
Anchor plates incl. dowels
Extended backgauge system based on POS 3000: 10 – 1000 mm
Commander for working from front or backside, pneumatic controlled backgauge fingers, steelballs in the table, square arm left or right side
L-Shape 3000, 3 x 1000 mm
Base Machine Quote
Sheet support table with brushes or balls: 10 – 1500 mm
POS 3000 with backgauge 10 – 1500 mm with 2 backgauge section incl. pneumatic lowering
Rotating upper beam for two toolstations
Hydraulic tool clamping system
Crowning device for bending beam
Z-shaped rail 170 mm, 30°, R1.5, segmented incl. corner parts
Footpedal sliding on a floor rail
Dual Point of Operation Guarding System

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