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JR Hammerle
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JR Hammerle


Hämmerle 3P The standard for repetition accuracy, precision, and productivity ‒The hydraulic cushion in the upper beam is unique. It provides constant distribution of the bending forces, perfect safety as well as compensation for machine-related and external influences ‒Extremely flexible, efficient and economical, thanks to a slim tool system and generous, free workspaces ‒The new bending aid increases flexibility in material handling, especially in small batch sizes with different materials and thicknesses ‒Thanks to the comprehensive database of materials, tools and accessory equipment, the machine processes even complex programs at the touch of a button


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
130 T
طول كلى
10 '
طول كلى
122 "
بين مساكن
125.98 '
بين مساكن
126 "
15.75 "
CNC تحكم

Bystronic Hammerle 3P 130 10ft by 143 Ton 8 Axis Press Brake:
6 Axis Back Gauge: X1, X2, R1, R2, Z1, Z2
Tonnage: 143 US Tons
Stroke: 15.74
Daylight: 36"
Bending Length: 122"
Distance Between Side Frames: 125.98"
Throat: 9.8"
Lower Beam Width:: 4.72"
Working Height: 41.73"
Maximum Back Gauge Range: 47.2"
X Axis Travel: 23.6"
Xaxis Traverse Speed: 1100 IPM
R Axis Travel: 9.84"
R Axis Traverse Speed: 472 IPM
Y Axis Ram Speed: 354 IPM
Y Axis Bending Speed: 24 IPM
Y Axis Return Speed: 354 IPM
Crowning/Bending Compensation: Hydraulic Cushion
Hydraulic Tool Clamping: Upper and Lower
Bottom Die: 4 Position Shuttle Table
Mobile Front Work piece Support: 31.5"
Electrical Supply: 27 KW
Oil Capacity: 80 Gallons
Weight: 30,000 LBS
Foundation: No Pit
Operator Terminal: Keyboard with pictographic operator guidance, input keypoard, 15" active TFT LCD Color Flat Panel Screen
User Software: Bybend; 2D Programing, 3D Functionality

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