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The heavy duty cutting table will have an effective 5’x10’ cutting area. The table is constructed of an all steel welded 3x3 tube frame with 10 ga. sides and bottom. The table also has three 3x3 steel tube cross supports coupled with four linear 3x3 steel angle slat supports. These hold the heavy duty slats made of 1/16“ mild steel. This table will easily support in excess of 1” mild steel plate. This is an extremely ridged welded machine weighing in excess of 2,000 lbs and delivered to your shop in one piece so there is no assembly required. The table is a downdraft design and requires a 5000 +- cfm exhaust for the 4’x10’ table. The industrial plasma torch blows the dross and smoke downward during the cutting process because of the pressure of the compressed shop air used as a shielding gas. Our control tells your exhaust fan to turn on at the commencement of the cut and continues to run the fan for about 30 seconds after the cut. This enables you to keep a clean, smoke free work environment and minimizes loss of heat in colder climates. The ends of table have doors that hinge downward to allow you to easily clean out the waste. With other systems, you have to remove all the slats to clean out the heavy waste. The table has


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
خفض العرض
60 "
قطع طول
120 "
قدرة البلازما
40 a
سرعة القطع
500 inpm
سرعة الحركة السريعة
1500 inpm
6FT x 11.50 Ft
CNC تحكم
CNC (Lap top control)

Effective 5’x10’ cutting area.
* System uses heavy duty NEMA 34 motors
* Dual X axis drives automatically squares the gantry
* Precision heavy duty direct drive motors and gears used for near zero backlash
* On screen E-stop and cut error help wizard
* On screen pierce height control
* On screen torch height control
* On screen arc voltage setting for torch height control
* On screen and keyboard XY and Z jogging controls
* On screen rapid traverse and cutting speed controls
* Preset position buttons on screen for material loading, torch servicing, home and 00
* Imports DXF or G-Code files
* Contains configurable DXF to G-Code post processor
* Make custom M codes for unique functions
* Cad program included
* Nesting of parts is also included

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