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Jackmill tool & cutter grinder in very good condition.(From School)-- I also have another Jackmill I could sell for 5500$ See pictures-- You may call me at 819-376-0529 if you have questions or if you want bigger pictures and/or more pictures Altough this machine is in very good condition i did revise and verify it since i know these machine Inside-out(I sold around 60-80 of them) Thanks- Have a nice day- Yannick-


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10 "
27.5 "
1 hp
53" L-R x 53" F-B x 53" H
2,000 Lbs

-Swing over table: 10″
-Distance between centers: 27-1/2″
-Distance between tailstock & workhead: 22-3/4″
-Workhead taper: 50
-Working surface 5-5/16″ x 37″
-Table travel –longitudinal 16″
-Saddle travel–(cross) 10″
-Table swivel movement +/- 60 degrees
-Table graduation on end +/- 10 degrees

-Vertical movement:10''

-Spindle tilt:+/- 15deg
-Grinding wheel spindle speeds 2600, 3700 or 6200 rpm
-Wheelhead motor 1 HP
-Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 51″ x 62″ x 60″
-Weight approximate 2000 lbs.

-Tilting wheel head
-Roller bearing slideway
-4 Grinding Wheel hubs
-Diamond dresser
-Wheel guards
-Tilting Work Head

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