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This Laser is under power and ready to demo and ship.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
60 "
120 "
4000 w
بوصة فى الدقيقة IPM
3200 inpm
حركة X
60 "
حركة Y
120 "
حركة Z
4 "
L-H-D: 420.3" x 90.6" x 183.0"
27,340 LBS
CNC تحكم
CNC (Mitsubishi LC20)

SPECIFICATIONS Mfg Year: Aug 2007Make/Model: Mitsubishi ML3015 LVP Plus (S)Resonator: ML40CFXHours AS OF 2/7/2017: Power On (Cumulative) 73372 Auto Pert (Cumulative) 32209Control: Mitsubishi LC20
Machine unit dimensions (W x H x D): 420.3" x 90.6" x 183.0"
Total system weight: 27,340 lbs
Pallet Changer: Pallet change time: Approx. 25 Sec
Pallet Changer Weight: 5,500 lbs
Drive Mechanism: Chain
Resonator: Excitation method 3-axis cross flow, SD
Beam Divergence: Approx. 3.0 or less-total angle
Wave length: 10.6
Frequency setting range10~3000 Hz
Duty range: 0~100 percent adjustable
Resonator unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 98.4" x 71.3" x 31.5"
Resonator unit weight: 4,850 lbs
Output Power (Continuous Wave): 4000 W (rated)
Laser Gas: Composition CO2:CO:N2:He 8:4:60:28
Consumption amount: 3 Liter/Hour
Gas sealing time: (during rated conti. oscillation)24 Hours
Control Unit: Floppy disk 1.44MB IBM compatible
Hard disk drive capacity 2.0 GB
Graphic display (TFT color LCD Touch Screen) 10.4"
Mounting Integrated w/ proces. machine
CPU / type 64 bit / PC
Machine Layout: Installation dimensions (W x D) 460.2" x 224.2"
Floor space requirement: 717 sq.ft.
Equipped With: Mitsubishi PHX Cutting Head
Beam Optimizer
High-Speed Power Sensor
ATFR Mirror
Closed Loop Air Cooled Chiller
High-Speed Capacitance Height Sensor
Programmable Gas Assist w/ High Pressure Bypass System
Safety Covers
Automatic Heavy-Duty Pallet Changer
Ethernet LAN Interface
Multifunction Visible Alignment Laser
Pallet work-piece capacity 5' x 10' x 1.0" (2050 lbs./pallet) Stroke X, Y, Z: 122.05" x 61.02" x 3.54" Max. Workpiece size: 120.08" x 60.04" Auto Up/down style front door 1180" 2050 lbs 33.5" Fixed table / flying optic Processing access: Max. processing federate: Max. Workpiece weight: Table pass height: Machine structure: Rapid travel speed (X, Y): 3345 / 4730 IPM Min. command input: .001mm / .0001"
Drive motor type: Intelligent AC servo General Servo

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