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DECKEL TOOL & CUTTER GRINDER  MODEL: SOE     S/N: 96-8295     NEW: 1996  Machine Details & Features: The SOE performs faster and more accurately than the  SO. It features a time saving axially adjusted  grinding spindle, a fly-mounted tool carrier and an  advanced dressing attachment.  The SOE, a further development of the standard SO  version, features a totally enclosed housing with  built-in drive system, a dust exhaust, an axially  adjustable grinding spindle, a special wheel dresser  and a fly-mounted tool carrier.  Ingenious Wheel Dresser:The built-in wheel dresser for reconditioning the face  of the grinding wheel, ensures optimum results in all  grinding operations. An eccentric disc limits the  swivel motion of the dressing diamond, in such a way,  that the small projecting rim remains on the wheel  face, thus avoiding overheating of the cutting tool,  on particular grinding operations.  Axially Adjustable Grinding Spindle:The grinding spindle, which is held in sturdy,   high-accuracy bearings (as on the SO), is  additionally  arranged for play-free axial adjustment  by means of a knurled knob. Dressing is performed by  moving the grinding wheel towards the diamond. This  affords the advantage that the position of the  wheel,relative to the tool to be ground, always  remains the same, thus saving the time and trouble of  tedious readjustments thereby helping to avoid  grinding errors. Powerful Dust Exhaust:The exemplary dust exhaust unit is accommodated in the  housing and switched on together with the machine.  The wheel is virtually enclosed by a rotatable guard  in both grinding and dressing operations thereby  ensuring efficient removal of all dust particles.  The dust is retained by a filter, arranged for easy  replacement with the aid of a quick-clamping lever.   Higher Precision and Greater Convenience:Apart from the additional axial spindle adjustment,   the SOE has the same setup and adjustment features as  the SO, but the tool carrier is fly-mounted on the  sturdy locating tube and thus provides greater  handling ease and faster setting-up. For moving the tool in contact with the wheel, and for   feed motions, the locating pin with the tool carrier  is coarsely adjusted axially. Fine adjustment is by  means of a guide sleeve preloaded by cup springs for  play-free, high-accuracy positioning in steps of  0.01mm (0.0004"). As on the SO, two swivel bearings  permit rotary adjustments of the tool in two mutually  perpendicular planes. The vertical swivel bearing is  held in needle bearings for obtaining a higher degree  of accuracy.  Greater Versatility:In contrast to the SO, the index head slide can be   vernier-adjusted within a range of 10mm (0.4") to  both sides on a transverse guide member. This permits  the grinding of off-center radii greater than half  the tool diameter. Greater handling ease, higher  precision and a wider range of adjustments - the SOE  is the ideal machine for high-accuracy grinding of  large numbers of single-lip cutters.   Specifications: Uses 4" Dia. x 1" Face x 1/2" Cup Style WheelsGrinding Wheel Speed:  4500 RPMLateral Traverse of Index Head Slide for Off Center Radii Both Ways:  3/8" Max.Maximum Relief Angle for Right Hand Tools:  45 DegreesMaximum Relief Angle for Left Hand Tools:  15 DegreesNumber of Registers in Index Plate:  12Maximum Collect Capacity:  5/8" Approx. Weight:  143 Lbs.Approx. Dims.:  26" x 22- 1/2" x 12- 3/4"H Standard Features:Axial Adjustable Grinding SpindleWheel Dresser with DiamondManual Hand Movement of Work Holder HeadWheel GuardMicrometer Adjustment of Wheel In & Out and Tool Slide   In& OutBuilt-In Dust Collector Equipped With: Collets 3/60/220-440 Volts     ** Inspect Under Power in our Harrison, NJ Warehouse **** Superb Condition & Appearance (Original Paint) ** 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Andy at 973-497-7600

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