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This machine was completely remanufactured to new specifications in 2013 and installed in 2014. It was stripped down to the bare casting, table/base/wheel heads/work head and tailstock and the second z axis ways were fit and rescrapped. New electrical cabinet with all new wiring to the machine and new all components, hydraulic lines, air lines and new cable carriers were added. New Marathon 60HP motors for both grinding wheel heads. (The drives in the cabinet are set for 40 Hp)The spindle drives in the cabinet are Yakawa built in the USA along with the workhead drive servo motor. All new ballscrews and nuts with support brackets for stabilizing the screw under operation. The machine has a new balancing system which monitors both spindle grinding heads constantly during operation and automatically makes corrections if needed.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
24.78 "
178 "
قدرة العجلة
60 hp
غطس (نعم/لا
دريسر (نعم/لا
45'4" x 20'4"
66,000 Lbs
CNC تحكم
CNC (Fanuc OitD)

Specification Description
Max. swing 24.78"
Max. distance between centers 178"
Max. grinding length main head 152"
Max. grinding length second wheel head on slide 138"
Grinding wheel spindle motors (2) Marathon 60hp (Drives limited to 40hp)
Apprx. weight between centers 9,000 lbs
Tailstock Quill diameter 6"
Tailstock stock body Air assist for movement
Tailstock body Hydraulic pressure for quill
Tailstock body Adjustment for taper
Tailstock quill taper Live center Mfg. Riden (M3817)
Machine floor space 45'4" long x 20'4" deep
Apprx. weight 66,000 lbs
Power requirement 460/3/60
KVA Requirement 118 kva

Equipped With:
Fanuc Oitd Latest control with graphics for both spindles
Communication ports, USB/ RS232/PCMI
MPG (manual pulse generator)
Digital load meters for both grinding spindles
SBS Balancing system in process for both grinding wheel heads
Fanuc servo motors for each axis
Ballscrews each axis
Fagor scales for each axis with positive air pressure
Yaskawa work head servo motor
New electrical cabinet all new components and wiring to all machine motors and accessories
New spindle motors for each grinding head
Coolant tank with paper filtration system
Balancing stand with arbor
(4) four wheel hubs
(2) pillow blocks
Several workhead drive units
Lifting bracket for removal of grinding wheel
Attachment for rough grinding of wheels
Attachment for special dressing applications
Hydraulic unit for each head
Way lubrication system
Air assist for tailstock body travel
Tailstock with taper adjustment, power quill feed, tailstock operator station with forward/reverse and e-stop for quill
Automatic diamond dresser probe (compensate for wear in diamond)
Automatic wheel probe (to read and compensate for width, diameter, taper of wheel )
Automatic dresser for straight wheel
Automatic taper wheel grinding wheel
Apprx. cutting time 2,980 hours

Workhead station operators control, forward, reverse, e-stop

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