ACCUT ACCUT-VTL-25عمودي مملة ميلز (incld VTL)

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■ Modularization design and the general products are mature, stable and reliable. ■ Excellent casting (HT300) is treated by heat ageing. ■ The beam guide is handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening and it adopts rolling-sliding compound type. The vertical tool holder utilizes ductile iron materials while the sliding surface uses sticking plastic treatment with a durable performance. ■ Manual lubrication pump realizes oiling lubrication of different lubricating parts. ■ High-quality famous and exceptional electric components and Japan Omron PLC control guarantee high reliability. ■The guide can be divided into such two types as static pressure and purely static pressure. The bearing of dynamic and static pressure is 10 ton; the purely static pressure adopts constant current for oil supply with 16-20 tons of bearing. ■ Independent hydraulic station facilitates adjustment, repair and maintenance. ■Grating digital display device is equipped. ■JB/T4116-96 precision test standard of vertical lathe is performed. JB/3665-96 technical condition of vertical lathe is performed. ■ Complete processing and assembly process and strict quality control flow ensure the products reach perfect and first0class perfect quality. ■High-precision speed-changing gear (Grade 6 precision) and high-precision gear grinding spiral bevel gear (Grade 6 precision) are featured with of low noise and stable operation. ■ One-year quality assurance service is granted.


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قطر المنضدة
88.58 "
98.43 "
ارتفاع الشغل U/R
62.99 "
73.8 hp
63 rpm

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