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Monarch lathe made in the U.S.A. Great condition, ready to work! Only $3,999.00 USD! Sold as is, shipping not included. Loaded, FOB Mtl ON SALE RIGHT NOW! Was $7,500.00 Do not miss your chance! If you want to make an offer simply call us. We're quite friendly and It's much faster than back and forth messages :) The preferred method of payment is bank transfer/wire transfer. It's safer for buyers, easy and fast! This is offered as an alternative to the default electronic payment method since it has been known to cause problems to buyers and sellers. For shipping we suggest that you get a quote from Uship or your preferred shipping company. Call us for the required shipping details. We can offer our logistics services for cross border customs paperwork to make it a seamless process for you. Please, do not submit “scrap price” offers as they will simply be ignored. All of our listed items are subject to a prior sale even if the listing is active. For any information do not hesitate to call us, Toll-Free anytime 1-888-459-4025 or email us your number. Ask for John or Robin. Hablamos Español.


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
18.5 "
54 "

Distance BC…54”
Actual Swing…18.5”
Swing over carriage...11.5"

Fully equipped with:
Chucks, steady rest, live center,
Tapper attachment, DRO,
and quick change tool post.

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