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150 Ton Thompson Friction welder in excellent condition The clamp is a heavy-duty type with dovetail slides. Quick changeover tooling device is included. The spindle motor is DC with programmable speeds between 0 and 1,500 rpm. The range of spindle speeds is 0 to 750 rpm. This allows the optimum spindle speed to be selected for the friction-weld cycle and the flash removal operation. Two powered sliding guards move over the welding zone and protect the operator during weld and flash removal operations. The sliding guards are closed when the operator presses the start buttons. Peripheral guarding with two access doors is included in this offer. This will protect personnel during the friction weld and flash removal cycle and allow access to the hydraulic pack and flash removal equipment for maintenance. Machine includes limited tooling, which encompasses 1 vee block to support the rod during loading and unloading 1 back stop unit Tooling will include a flash former in order to ensure the flash does not come into contact with the chromed rod. lengths of rod / barrel. Adjustable backstop can also be extended, to be able to weld components up to nominally 6m. Longer is also possible. The backstop has two means of adjustment. For small adjustments, a screw system is used. For larger adjustments, the backstop is moved to a different location on the tie bars then locked in position. The screw is used for fine adjustment. The backstop tools are quick changeover type. A self-centring, hydraulically powered, threewheel roller steady is mounted on the same slides as the backstop unit. The backstop unit an the roller steady are connected by an adjustable spacer. The roller steady’s position is therefore correct for any clamped component length. Short rods that are less than 350 mm in length do not need to be supported by a roller steady during the flash removal cycle. The backstop supplied will allow component lengths up to 3m Two Axis External Turning Flash Removal Unit. Complete with (vertical and horizontal axes with AC servo motor movement) to remove the upset flash from the component. The flash removal unit is AC servomotor driven and is mounted on the machine head above the chuck. Flash removal is carried out as part of the production cycle immediately after the friction weld. Tool slides allow a replaceable tungsten carbide tip tool to be applied to the work piece in either plunge or side cut operation. A typical sequence comprises rapid vertical plunge stroke to a position adjacent to the weld upset. This is followed by a slower, controlled vertical feed to remove all or part of the flash upset. When the flash upset cannot be completely removed by a single plunge cut there are options to make a second plunge cut over the remainder of the flash or to make a cutting stroke in the horizontal axis. The choice of cutting movements will depend on the flash size and shape. The cutting speed (machine spindle speed), can be varied to optimise the surface finish within the limit of the tool insert capability. Weld Orientation Expected accuracy of around +/- 5 degrees component dependant but this cannot be guaranteed. Roller Steady In order for the flash removal cycle to operate, a roller steady is installed the roller steady is of a non marking material in order to minimise damage or marking to the chrome plating on chromed rods.


Thompson PR5 Heavy Duty Single Ended sliding head Friction Welding Machine
3 m Back stop
Variable speed DC motor
Drive to spindle through belt & pulleys.
Forge cylinder.
Pumped lubrication to spindle bearings.
Linear transducer for head movement.
Rotary Encoder.
Pressure transducer.
- Self centring hydraulically operated Two Jaw Chuck.
- Self centring clamps to hold the stationary part complete with base jaws. The base
jaws are designed to permit quick change over between rod diameters.
- Special machine bed with hardened and ground slides comprising a rigid outer bed section for maintaining component accuracy and separate inner bed to withstand the welding forces.
- Telescopic slide covers.
- Automatic oil lubrication system to base and clamp slides.
- Hydraulic power pack with air blast oil cooler to maintain oil temperature below 50 degrees centigrade.
- Hydraulic pipe work and connections to the machine.
- Electrical enclosure with mains isolator and internal illumination.
- Air conditioning of the electrical enclosure

- Allen Bradley programmable controller.
- Allen Bradley software for PLC programme monitoring, documentation
and editing.
- Pendant mounted operator console with Siemens Industrial Computer with
flat colour screen integral keyboard and mouse.
Touch screen machine controls
- Electrical connections between machine units (multi-core where appropriate).
- Control system (Microsoft Windows), displaying information on:-
Machine Start of Cycle Condition Data
Welding Parameter Data and Inputs
Weld parameter storage (easy change of parameters)
Machine Monitoring Data and Inputs
Machine Status and Diagnostics
Weld Diagnostics
Weld Playback for Last Weld
Facility for Online help
Integral monitoring of the weld cycle parameters
(Pressure, Rotational Speed and Displacement).
Graphic and numeric presentation of the weld cycle
Printer for graphic numeric records
Permanent memory with 2000 + weld capacity
- Friction weld cycle controller to permit:-
Continuous drive
Variation in braking modes
Control of friction phase by time or displacement
- Software and programming for piston rod assemblies
Operator control desk with option of push buttons for key commands and touch
screen for commands confined to manual mode.
- Screen text in English
- Colours and painting to Caterpillar specification
- Machine status indicator lamps (manually set).
Red = machine stopped.
Yellow = machine waiting for parts.
Green = machine working.
- Fixed guarding of moving parts.
- Peripheral guarding with two access doors.
- Equipment conforms to CE Mark regulations.
- Operator manual and documentation package.
- General arrangement, and tooling drawings
- Electrical and Hydraulic schematic drawings
(in PDF format).
Control system and pendant control panel with Siemens Panel

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