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Remanufactured Fermat 5 Axis Boring Mill Model WHN 13P CNC


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
حجم عامود الدوران
5.11 "
X-Horiz TVL من الجدول
137.7 "
Y فير TVL من رئيس
78.7 "
3000 rpm
المغزل تفكره.
28.7 "
29.5' x 29.5'
CNC تحكم
CNC (CNC Fanuc 3li)

Remanufactured Fermat 5 Axis Boring Mill Model WHN 13P CNC

New Fermat Head Stock with 3000 RPM ......................................................................... Included: CNC Fanuc 3li ............................... Included: Installation.............................................................. Included:
Delivery and On site Riggin:................................................................ Not Included

This machine has been remanufactured in order to achieve new machine accuracy, speed and ease of operation only found on new equipment at a fraction of the price and ready to ship now!


Spindle diameter 130mm
Clamping taper CAT 50
Tool clamping ANSI 35.50-78
Spindle revolution 10-3000 RPM
Main motor output 37 kW
Table cross travel X 3,500 mm
Column travel Z 1,250 mm
Headstock vertical travel Y 2,000 mm
Spindle travel W 730 mm
Table clamping surface 1,600 x 1,800 mm
Table load capacity 12,000 kg
Working travel X,Y,Z,W - manual mode max. 5,000 mm/min
Working travel X,Y,Z - automatic mode max.10,000 mm/min.
Working travel W - automatic mode max.10,000 mm/min.
Speed travel X,Y,Z max.10,000 mm/min.
Speed travel W max.10,000 mm/min.
Speed travel table revolution B 2 RPM
Nominal moment of motors X 30 Nm
Nominal moment of motors Y,Z 40 Nm
Nominal moment of motors W 22 Nm
Nominal moment of motors B 12 Nm
Nominal rev of motors 3,000 RPM
Installed input 80 kVA
Machine weight 38,000 kg
Machine space with CE for orientation max. 9,000 x 9,000 mm
External rinse cooling 4 bar
Spindle center cooling 20 bar


Dismantling and cleaning:
All major components were disassembled cleaned and inspected

Column and Bed:

Geometric accuracy of beds and column was checked
Alignment of hardened insert in bed way were checked
All axis ways were ground X, Y, Z
Protocol of geometric accuracy for each ground bed is available
New Balluff extreme limit switches installed
Renovated pulley of column
Renovated rope pulleys
Bearings and cables were changed for counterbalance with headstock weight

Ball screws:

New ground ballscrews for axis X, Y and Z
New bearings in ballscrew pillow blocks

Column base, headstock and column:

New way liner material on beds X, Y, Z
New lubrication grooves
New way wipers
Gibs with new liner material
Geometric accuracy verified

Strengthening of coordinates:

All structural clamping elements were dismantled and cleaned
All seals replaced
New pressure switches were installed


New Fermat headstock with 3000 RPM was installed
New Central spindle cooling: 20 bar
New External cooling of instruments: 4 bar

Table plate and revolution:

Re-machined table top
Mating way services with new liner materials
Geometric accuracy was verified
Rotatory sensor RCN 2590F was installed

Hydraulic aggregate:

New central hydraulic aggregate was installed
Lubrication system:
Complete reconstruction of lubrication system
New distribution elements, parts and lubrication aggregate
The lubrication system is completed with pressure switches which control the delivery of lubricant to the
particular locations
The modern lubrication system enables adjustment of individual injectors depending on time traveled

Telescopic covers:

New telescopic covers were installed.
Platform for machine operators:
New platform for machine operators with a divider where CNC panel is located

Surface adjustment:

The internal surfaces are supplied with anti-corrosive oil resistant coating
The external surfaces are putty and painted with a polyurethane coating

Electrical system:

Machine is equipped by five AC servo-drives and CNC
Machine is continuously controlled by four axis X, Y, Z, W
This machine meets the requirements of CNC controlled machine
Possibility of a circular interpolation, screwed interpolation, dimensional interpolation - a curve in a space
and linear interpolation in four axis.
New and modern components guarantee the high operational reliability

New Control System FANUC 31i:

Color screen
Hand control
English/Czech language
PLC program for the machine controls including
System enables standard oriented spindle stop


Five digital AC servo-drives were installed for separated drive of axis X, Y, Z, W and B
New frequency converters with accessories are used for control of servo-drives

Control Panel:

The control panel is located on the back of the platform

Measurement Heidenhain:

Coordinates X, Y, Z are equipped by linear absolute scales LC 195F
Axis B (table rev) is equipped by an encoder for measuring working table turning
Measurement of axis W is directed by the encoder in the motor
Position of axis W and B are indicated on display of a control panel
Measurement of spindle revolutions is realized by a rotary encoder
All end positions of particular coordinates of the machine are checked by limit switches

Cable lines:

New cable lines and cable carriers were installed for the whole machine
New switchboards were installed

Electric switchboard:

All electric control elements are located in a new switchboard
All components are from well-known manufacturers

Environment and network:

Allowed tolerance of voltage: +10%, -10%
Altitude: max. 1000 m
Temperature of machine environment: +5 C + 35 °C
Power requirements: 3 PE, 400V, ~ 50/60Hz
Control power of safety circuits: 24V DC
Relative humidity - machine environment: max. 90 %
Outer influence: AB 5

Standard machine accessories:

Light located on the headstock
Lighting of working space by LED reflector on the column
Color coating RAL 5002 (bleu) and RAL 7035 (grey)
Outside coolant on ram head


Machine documentation
Control system documentation
Machine operation manual
Protocol of geometric accuracy
Certificate of conformity - CE

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