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طول البكر
10 '
(قرصة أساسية/ثنائية أو هرمى)
أقصى سمك
2 "
15 hp
قطر البكرة
11.2 "

Faccin Model 4HEL3128 3/8" x 10' 4 Roll CNC Plate Bending Roll (2004)

Number Of Rolls: 4
Max Plate Width: 10'
Top Roll Diameter: 11.02"
Pinching Roll Diameter: 10.6"
Side Roll Diameter: 7.87"
Driven Rolls (Hydraulic Motors): 2
Main Motor Drive: 15 Hp,
Equipped With: PGS2000 Control, Balancing System, Hardened Rolls, Cone Bending, Prebending And Rolling In A Single Pass, Hydraulic Adjustment Of Pinching And Lateral, Rolls Inside Dual Linear Slides Top And Pinching Roll Driven By 2 Hydraulic Motors And Gearboxes, Electronic Balancing Guarantees Parallelism, Within .008 Anywhere In The Stroke, Normalized, Hardened & Stress Relieved Roll, Forgings, Msc Bearing System - 4 Bearings/Roll, Pgs Classic Nc Control Based On Siemens Plc, Hydraulic Drop End For Removal Of Finished, Ferrule, Hydraulic Protection Against Overloads, Iso 9000 Certified Components, Safety Cable Around Machine - Motion Stop, Central Operator Console With Warning Lights For Low Oil And Oil Filter Change.Cone Bending Attachment, Central Lubrication System, Optional Equipment Included W/This Machine:, Pgs Ultra Graphical Cnc System, (Includes Variable Speed) Polished Rolls (For Prefinished Materials)

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