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Current EDM manufactures the finest hole drillers in the world. Used in applications such as aerospace, medical, aircraft and automotive. The CT-300 accurately drills small holes in nearly any electrically conductive material, at high rates, on angles, curved surfaces, and through threads. A Precision Machine Tool A tough, powerful and compact unit, the CT300 adds flexibility to your shop. The CT300 controller allows you to program off-line, upload files, reduce set-up time and improve accuracy with automatic part referencing. Now walk away and know the CT300 is producing accurately positioned holes. * Single-cast, bridge construction with stainless steel head and precsion ballscrews provide years of reliable, accurate machining. * Predictable and consistent results using economical water dielectric fluid. * 57 peak amp power supply effectively operates with electrode diameters from .004" to .256". * User friendly control programs 5-axes, giving you 9 coordinate systems, canned cycle routines and electrode wear compensation cycles for blind hole applications. Advantages: Siemens Model 840DI PC-Based Control * Windows NT Based Operating System * 10.4" TFT Color Monitor * Resolution 640 x 480 Pixels * 1.0 Gigabyte Program Storage (minimum) * RS232C * USB Port * 3.5" Disk Drive Current EDM User Applications * Custom programming screens written by CEI * Upload parameters with your program (password protected) or call up new power sets from the program * Depth Control / Breakout detection * Five-axes pattern shift & pattern offset with hole depth adjustment * Ethernet Software facilitates DNC operations and can interface with other networks (optional) * One-button work co-ordinate set-up * Up to 9 Linear Interpolating Axes * Absolute Encoders- no homing required! * All Programming Functions are programmed through one control (editing, offsets, alarms, etc.) * Feedrate Override- facilitates faster set ups. * Lock Out Function- 3 levels, password protected. * 1,000 Programmable Power Settings- will change Ip, Ton, T off, capacitance and Spindle RPM on the fly. * Soft limits and Program Limits * Working Area Limits * Full Help Menus * Faster Referencing Cycles- tooling ball and work piece pick-ups, Guide-height, Rotary pick-ups & custom referencing available. Part probing capability - (optional) * Faster Automatic Electrode Changing


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
أقل قطر للثقب
0.004 "
أقصى قطر للثقب
0.256 "
عرض الشغل
12 "
طول الشغل
12 "
حركة الأكس X
12 "
حركة الأكس Y
8 "
حركة الأكس Z
16 "
51" x 52" x 85" H
700 Lbs
CNC تحكم
CNC (Siemans Model 840DI)

* Siemans Model 840DI PC-Based CNC Controller
* 24 Position Automatic Electrode Changer
* Granite Worktable
* High Pressure 3-Piston Type Flushing Pump
* Siemens High-Dynamic AC Servo, w/Absolute positioning Encoders
* Remote Hand Controller
* Ebbco Filtration System (90 Gal)
* Ozone Generator
* Electric Chiller
* All Available Manuals and Accessories

** A second machine without filtration & chiller is also available

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