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This is a used 250K concrete compression tester in good used condition. The system consists of the 250,000 lb test frame and a separate control cabinet that houses the hydraulic supply, controls and gauge. Machine is very simple to use with only a few levers. The lever on the left will load the machine in the up position and release it the lower position. The other lever changes the speed platen from fast advance to controlled rate. In the controlled rate position the knob is active and will vary the speed the platen loads the sample. The fast advance position is used to quickly move the platen up or down into position. The machine was tested up to its max pressure and it worked well as can be seen in the test video. The overall condition is good and the only deficiencies are some scratches and few minor dings in the sheet metal.


Capacity: 250,000 lb
Hydraulic 6 1/8" ram
Platens: 6 1/4" dia
Daylight (max): 13 1/2""
Daylight (min): 9 1/2"
Between uprights: 10"
Controls: Release/Neutral/Load lever
Loading rate:
Controlled rate
Fast advance
115 VAC

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