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Used Bauer breathing air filling station with 12 CFM high pressure compressor. Capable of filling three bottles at a time using either the compressor or an onboard bank of storage bottles. Unit has the capability to hold four storage bottles but only two are stored currently. Filling station is a steel cabinet which houses the 12 CFM compressor, 10 HP electric motor, blast compartment, storage bottles and all associated valving and electrical controls. There is also an optional CO monitor installed. Breathing air filters are the Securus P-5 system. This is an older unit but it has low hours and is in very good operating condition. There are some paint chips but otherwise the machine is in presentable condition. We tested the unit and it performed well. The compressor develped good oil pressure and easily obtained the 5000PSI output pressure. All of the gauges and valves we operated also worked well.


Model 88/4322/01
Four stage
10 hp
5000 PSI
12 CFM
1450 RPM
Air purification system:
Securus P-5 Rated for 5000 psi
Low hours: 380 HRS

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