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PAINT LINE – Turnkey Powder and Wet paint system running in Peosta Iowa. Approved for John Deere JDM F17 level 2 painting 48”W x 90”H x 12-16’L Parts


Basic Line Capacity:
Designed Load Bar cap / work envelope: 42”W x 72”H x 72”L or 12”W x 96”H x 72 L
Designed load factor 800 lbs per hook ( 2 feet spacing)

Chain Conveyor system : Conveyor systems Approx. 1000’ OAL

Designed speed – variable from 6 – 9 FPM
4” HD Chain - Hangers located on 24” centers
Equipped with an auto lube device and chain cleaner
2 air power take ups with 5’ dia turns, and shutdown sensors
Drive system with automatic oiler, chain greaser and track brush system

Washer - Pre-treatment System: 5-stage, in line – all SST construction (304 type) – approx. 115’ OAL
Stage #1: Dubois Met-all Terj & Stage #4: Dubois Duratec 100
Stage #2 & #3 & #5: Rinse
RO system including carbon filter, water softener, 3000 Gallon holding tank, and pump with flow meter that feeds back flow system from tank 5 to tank 3 to tank 2 and down the drain. =
All PVC and adjustable poly nozzles and risers used throughout, vertical gusher pumps, tank skimmers & drains

Dry-off Oven: Koch: 60’L – Gas fired, convection – recirculated Hot air
Forced Air filtered tunnel : Koch
Environmental Room:
Temperature & humidity controlled with Nordson Excel 2000 manual Powder Coating booth and (2) Wagner Prima Sprint box feeder systems.

Large wet paint room:
With (2) 12’ wide x 14’ long Colmet wet paint booths, each both with a Wagner flex control plural component paint mixing system
Topcoat paint kitchen:
10’ Wide x 22’ Long with Wagner pumps for 5 Topcoat colors with recirculation and agitation. Top coat catalyst pump with 35 gallon hermetic tank .

Primer paint kitchen:
10’ Wide x 12’ with Wagner pumps for 2 Primer colors with recirculation and agitation. Primer catalyst pump with 15 gallon hermetic tank. MEK Pump which runs to both Wagner flex controllers and the topcoat kitchen

Koch Cure oven, with 2’-6” burner- 180 ft
Cool down area – 80 ft with (12) 30” fans.
Unload Area - 20’ x 20’ 4000 LB Gorbel system with 2 bridges with (1) 2000LB hoists per bridge

Condition - All equipment is in very good condition, set-up and in place – fully operational
Availability: April 2018 or earlier

Location: IOWA

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