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We are pleased to offer the following for your consideration: A Overbeck 2010-R-CNC Multi Axis High Precision CNC Cylindrical Grinder This grinder is equipped with a CNC Control with a wheel power of 24.8 horsepower. The swing is 18 inches and the center is 72 inches. The cylindrical grinders including plain and auto head. Eagle Machine encourages first-hand inspection of all used machinery. Information contained in this listing is subject to verification and availability. Unless otherwise noted, machines are sold in "as-is" condition and list prices are not inclusive of rigging or shipping charges. Feel free to give us a call for all your machine needs. We have got you covered from CNC Machinces, Milling Machines, & VMC Machines to Lathes, Box Way Machines, and so much more. We carry new machines as well as used machines.


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18 "
72 "
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24.8 hp

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