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Schaublin Type 53 Universal Milling Machine The world’s top brand! (18) Spindle Speeds 38-1510 RPM 44 in. x 10 in. Table Fagor 3-Axis Dro Includes two (2) Rousseau Roller Drawer Tool Cabinets Containing Assorted Tooling: Collets, Boring Head, Cutters etc. (w/Shared Table Top, 72 in. x 30 in.) Only $14,999.00 USD! Sold as is, shipping not included. Loaded, FOB Mtl Call us today for any questions you have! Toll free 1-888-459-4025 We're quite friendly and It's much faster than back and forth messages :) All machines made in the USA or Canada ship duty free to North America. If you want us to take care of the shipping just give us a call. We can offer our logistics services for cross-border customs paperwork to make it a seamless process for you, just give us a call! All our inventory is subject to a previous sale even if it is currently listed and all prices exclude shipping. Please, do not submit “scrap price” offers as they will simply be ignored.


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