ACCUT X2012المسوي نوع ميلز

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• bed, columns and travel tracks form a solid cast-iron frame structure for high rigidity under hard machining conditions and high table loads • the gantry construction is fully integrated into the machine frame for maximum rigidity • the traverse height is adjustable, ensuring high rigidity even with flat workpieces, since the throat size can be minimized • rigid guides with ground surfaces support the table across the entire travel distance to ensure constant high geometric accuracy • infinitely variable feed on X • large setup area with up to 3000 mm length and 800 mm width • this machine type handles work pieces with weights up to 2000 kg • main spindle gears with 6 steps - for vertical and horizontal operation • including weight balancing system for easy movement and precise positioning of the horizontal spindle head • all guideways are protected by telescoping covers or bellows • the control panel is mounted on a long arm, giving the user maximum positioning flexibility • standard automatic central lubrication


تحويل المواصفات للمتري
49.21 "
118.1 "
ارتفاع أسفل القضيب
47.2 "
المسافة بين الجرابات
55.11 "
10 hp
505 rpm

X-Axis travel mm 3000
Y-axis travel mm 1400
Z axis travel mm 1200
Side milling head vertically travel mm 500
Milling head movement travel mm 350
Worktable size mm 1250*3000
Table load capacity (max.) kg 3000
T-slots (qty x width x dist)  mm 7*22*125
Distance from nose of milling head to worktable surfac mm 0-1000
Distance from center line of side milling head to worktable surface mm 0-500
Vertical milling head speed min-1 82-505
Max. torque of vertical milling head Nm 790
Vertical milling head taper 7:24 ISO 50
Spindel Aufnahme  7:24 ISO 50
Side milling head speed min-1 82-505
Max. torque of side milling head NM 790
X axis feeding speed mm/min 2100
Y axis feeding speed mm/min 890
Z axis feeding speed mm/min 432
Side milling head vertical rapid speed mm/min 730
Main motor power kW 7.5
Motor power of side milling head kw 7.5
X axis motor power kW 5.5
Y axis motor power kW 1.1
Z axis motor power kW 4
Feeding motor power of side milling head 0.4
Overall dimensions ( L* W * H) mm 5000*3550*2950
Machine weight kg 13000

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